a mongolian surprise

last night my fam got together for a special christmas fhe.
we had sloppy joes & an awesome lesson.
{& a mongolian surprise!}

eric, gramps, and c-hop gifted each of us an awesome mongolian get-up!

they are beautiful!!!
each handmade in our size.

{my mom asked us for our measurements like 6 months ago, and none of us knew why!}

*eric had them shipped over on a crate that came home w/ his mission pres.*

we went caroling to a few neighbors houses.
we were extra warm.
and the little ones were extra cute in their dells & hats.

we missed these dudes from portland.
{we love you h&g&z&t&g!}

so fun.

{happy christmas to & from mongolia.}


Marilyn said...

SO cute! Now that is WAY better than matching jammies! ;) I bet you guys had a blast caroling.

Kate said...

That same mission pres. of Eric's will be speaking in my ward this coming Sunday about his experience in Mongolia! I was way excited to find that out. :)

cori said...

hi girl! and that is so so fun. looks like you are having so much fun with your key-ute family.

did you sing in mongolian? i want mongolian beef now for lunch. that is a memory you will have forever!

love ya like crazy angie. have a very merry christmas.

Mark Dixon said...

Glad you enjoyed the Mongolian surprise. We surely had a fun time collaborating with Eric to get them here.

Coree Adams said...

That is soooooo neat! Oh my gosh, what an awesome surprise! I love it!

Chelsea said...

What a cute surprise! Glad he is back and safe. Merry Christmas!

Stoddard Studios said...

I love the outfits. They are so beautiful.

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Okay, seriously furious that we weren't home when you guys came and caroled and only Reidster got to see you. Boo.

Laurie said...

Wow- beautiful clothes! What a fun surprise!