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An Interview w/ Angie

What characteristics do you strive for most?
Being genuine, kind, positive, and non-superficial. DEFinitely don’t succeed at that all the time, but I put forth an effort. {Usually.}

How do you treat a headache?
If it’s a semi-bad headache: muchos whining and pepsi. If it’s a really bad headache: almost-two-year-old-left-over c-section pain meds, pespi, and even more whining, & usually a long nap.

How do you think birth order affected you as a child?
It made me the favorite. JK!!! We’re all the favorite! {reference: Dixon Family Fairness Doctorine}

What’s your worst habit?
Sweating the small stuff. {ie: counting my chickens before they hatch, still having piano recital-related anxiety, taking 10 minutes to decide which kind of marshmallows to buy, caring highly too much about matching or having things “go”…etc.}

What is your biggest regret?
Comparing myself to others…yesterday, today, and fovever.

What are you most proud of?
My awesome husband. My beyond sweet offspring. My knowledge of who I am & where I am going.

What are you good at?
Cleaning obsessively, making messes even faster, saying yes even when I want to say no with every fiber of my soul, baking rolls, tying ribbon, folding towels, and putting boxes inside of labeled boxes.

What are you bad at?
Reading comprehension, punctuality, remembering to schedule Chloe’s well visits on time, being patient, keeping track of things and keys, remembering birthdays, recognizing the difference between tsp & T in a recipe, managing my time wisely.

What is spiritual to you?
Being at home with my family just chilling, reading the scrips, being still, outdoor exercise, newborns.

What is depressing to you?
The thought of giving up refined sugar & hydrogenated fat. Politics. Confrontation. The dad on The Wonder Years.

If you could change only one thing about the world, what would it be?
I would want everyone in the world to recognize their worth and potential. How awesome would that be?

What does love feel like to you?
Just safe.

You have a time machine and can go back to change one decision in your life. What is it?
My haircut circa late 9th grade-early Sophomore year. Man+perm+Pat on SNL...no joke.

A lesson you learned early?
My mom & dad are my friends.

A lesson you learned late?
I can not control anyone elses choices but my own.
{Thank you Dr. Phil.}

What are you going to do today?
Wash pink marker off Chloe’s face and belly, clean my office a little, scrapbook, prolly watch Oprah, go on a stroll around the block, dance with Bow to "Apologize", Call Hitachi about our broken tv, consume at least 4 clementines, & make some progress on my blasted Christmas cards. {Hopefully}

{Happy Weekend!}


granny said...

Ah, you made a very happy spot in my day. You are the best.

Kate said...

Hehe... That made me giggle not once or twice, but thrice. Especially that part about the difference between tsp and T. Good stuff. Now that you other two darling cuz's of mine have done this I guess I'd better follow suit.

Coree Adams said...

K I love love the super cute and gren pic of you! You are so beautiful Ang. Your weaknesses make me feel human, and your strengths make me want to be a better person. THANKS! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

cori said...

you look good green. love it. and i laughed about your pat haircut. for reals? you are so awesome. i love her/him /you!

Stoddard Studios said...

I can never remember the difference between tsp and T either. I have to sit and think about it every time. I wonder why it's so hard to understand.

Bonnie said...

Hi, it's Meg's mom again. Once again, what an insightful/heart-felt/sincere post! Megan tells me you are the cutest thing ever, and I must say, I think she's right. Next time you teach your "babylicious"(is that what it's called) I'll join and make one for one of my grand-kids to be and we can meet "fer reals" (quoting you). Have the most wonderful Merry Christmas!

Mark Dixon said...

Love you, Angie.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Dear Angie:

This is a beautiful post!

Thank you for answering my questions. I apologize for the delay; things have been CHAOTIC. My students are challenging my walk with Christ; I am up to my eyeballs in grading; and I am ready to SCREAM. I practically do a Dr. Seuss # and point my finger to the door when my last class period ends.

Reading your posts are one of the few moments of sanity that I have per day.

The baby is really getting cute and big. Precious.

•stephanie• said...

my favorite part - the "depressing dad on the wonder years". how true.

i'm pretty sure *I* wanna be *YOU* {not the other way around!}

and i have to say that although you look darling in your green photo, i immediately thought of the "Wicked" playbill. love that show! {have you seen it?}

•stephanie• said...

should have clarified that i was reminded of "Wicked" purely because of the green. because you are neither wicked nor witchy! xoxo

Alisse Baldwin said...

Love/hate that picture of you- you're too pretty, girl! I'm jealous you're so photogenic. And this interview couldn't have been more awesome and/or hilarious!

angiedunn said...


seriously...how lucky is the world that you are a teacher & are shaping the minds of our future? answer: the world is very lucky! keep up the good work...you are a fabulous teacher, i know that just by knowing you. but, i must say, your challenging your walk with Christ comment, as well as your dr. suess comment...cracked me up. you are hilarious!

so...sorry i haven't posted my seasons of love projects yet. it probably won't be until after simplicity this week that i have time to focus more on that class....i'll let ya know!

take care. christmas vacay ahead...par-tay!

angiedunn said...


thanks for all the kind words...way too nice & i totally appreciate it.

so, um, you should start a blog. i'll comment on it. it would be fun. do it. (:

have the most merry christmas back cute meg's mom!