scentsy love

and now for the unveiling of
my recent purchase that has changed my life forever:

{drumroll please}

...this adorable little contraption: aka, my scentsy.

for those of you that aren't familiar, this sweet little thing is an
amazing invention.

it is a wickless, sootless, flameless candle!
it melts cubes of wax that make my life smell so divine.
currently, like clove-n-cinnamon.

here are a few reasons i L-O-V-E love this system:

* i don't have to worry that it's going to burn mi casa down. keep it going all day, even if you're a paranoid freak like me!

* the wax is like just warm {not hot} so it won't hurt the kiddo, if she happens to mess with it.

* seriously, every scent is SO strong, and makes me really happy and sometimes hungry for yummy baked treats.

* it's an affordable gift giving option for birthdays or christmas & there are a ton of super cute warmers to choose from.

*it rid my house of cleaning-the-oven stench.

* no soot, no mess on my ceiling.

* it makes my semi-dirty house feel faux-clean because the air is ever-so delightfully fragrant.

*the refills are like cheaper than cheap...and i'm kinda cheap.

*and lots more reasons.

come and smell my house.
seriously, you're invited to come take a wif.
but beware: you'll be hooked.

get yourself a scentsy here, from this cute girl.
you definitely won't be sorry.

{happy tuesday}


Emmy Z. said...

I'm glad you liked my post, Ang. That drawing seriously makes me smile every morning. Now, as for what you've posted here, I think I'm gonna have to get me one of those!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Yes, yes we have one at SBE already and I have obsession. And I want to play with the wax..

Kim said...

I think I really need one of these. I love the smell of candles, but with 4 kids and our crazy busy lives I find it hard to burn them. Thanks for the info.

Unknown said...

i agree... they're amazing!

Chelsea said...

Love the idea!! I wish I could smell your house!

Unknown said...

oh and emily... i did play with the wax! i dipped & redipped my finger to make a wax mold. it was fun.

Kylie said...

I was just given a catalog for those last week and thought, why couldn't I have come up with a cool idea like that! Seriously, so genious!

Alisse Baldwin said...

I already hinted to Scott and added it on my Christmas List.

Alisse Baldwin said...
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Coree Adams said...

K I HAVE BEEN WANTING ONE OF THOSE!!! Maybe Santa will bring me one...although for some reason Santa always looks at my list and throws it out the window and gets me whatever HE thinks I want. So...hmmm...k I wanna come smell your house!

chris+amber said...

You must have read my mind. I was seriously going to buy myself a candle for my house today, but I think I'm gonna hold off and buy one of these! Way to advertise! Sounds like a very family-friendly candle. Thanks for sharing! What scent is your favorite?

Amy said...

Ok what a cool idea! One question though...does the warmer plug in or what?
I couldn't find the answer on the web so I'm asking the owner!

Stephanie said...

Wow thanks for sharing, I used to be obsessed w/candles but since the problems you mentioned i dont burn them as much as I would like. I'll have to look more into those.

Chelsea said...

We use sitemeter on our blog and I am tired of the creepy strangers who are lurking. We are going private today. Email me your email address at paceblog@aol.com to join our private party!! This email address is JUST for getting your address, not as my new email. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Stoddard Studios said...

Sounds like a dream come true. I want one! I'm always worried about candles burning down the house too. Thanks girl. I'll have to check it out.

cori said...

i can smell it from here. love the word wif... reminds me of my brothers from some reason.

i will check them out for sure. i am such a smelling kinda gal. like my house HAS to smell like something. today it smells of pumpkin pancakes. pumpkin spice candle. and soon, a hot pot-o- chili. or taco soup. haven't decided. corn bread, and lots of broken into candy bars. happy halloween my friend.

thanks for the link!

cori said...

wierd i just posted a note on becky's and you two have different times on your blogs. on hers it says 11:00 something. it really is HALLOWEEN. spooky....

Macey said...

wow-you advertise well! Wish I had something cool like that in my house! I'll look into it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip! I love me some good smelling house stuff!

Natalie said...

Look - Lyns has her own spokesperson! If any of you live in UT, you can order from me, the cute girl's sister. :)
Glad you like it Angie!

Amanda - Owner of www.justrightcandles.com said...

I am starting to hear a lot about scentsy. How long do they last?