kinda no fair

so, this is chloe one year ago today.

tell me this:

how is it fair that babies grow up so fast?

{well, it's not.}

not at all.

good thing she gets more & more fun by the second!


see you dudes next week when i'm not so bored to hear myself type. i'm having a severe case of blogger's block.

{happy friday!!}


Em said...

Wait till she's 4 then you'll really think what happened? I just had you yesterday. I know how you feel. I miss the little baby days. But not all the time. It is fun to see them grow and learn.

Unknown said...

amen... blogging dry spells stink! chloe is my favorite little girl ever! she's so dang cute!

The Kewpie Klan said...

i heart chloe! I'm so glad we finally met! I can't get over your awesome dancing skills and sweet curls!

Aunt K :)

Coree Adams said...

Well you may be bored hearing yourself type...but all your fans do NOT agree! lol Love ya Ang! Happy GC this weekend!!!

Laura Blue said...

isn't that SO true! atleast you have MANY pages to look back at all the fun memories... a thing about being a scapper. isn't it great?! and lil' chloe is adorable... we love to see her grow.

Kylie said...

I just went through my entire list of blogger links--since I haven't had time this week! And I ran into to several blogs that said they were having some type of "bloggers block"! We must all be on the same wave length! Maybe the cooler air is affecting our brains!! And no it is not fair that out babies grow up so fast--but I guess because they keep getting cuter, we'll allow it!!

Stephanie said...

Seiously! I hate it too. You always hear people say enjoy this now...cuz they grow up so fast, I never believed it as much as I do now! It really is crazy! She was beautiful then and still is, she is adorable!

Stoddard Studios said...

I had a bloggers block last weekend. Luckily I broke out of it. I just put m best post over on my blog. It's funny.

I was just looking at pictures of Bryson when he was younger. It's crazy how much the grow up and change. Bryson looked so different as a baby.

Emily K Jacob A said...

I love to read about mothers lovingly doting on their children. I have to agree, she's a tried and true beauty. And by the way, I like you more and more the more I read your writings. You're so nice.

cori said...

i hear you. makes me sad though. hope to see you. i will always be grateful for blogger. {single tear}
love your bff. cori

Cassie said...

Oh, it is way too fast. Rendon already grabs his toes and rolls over. What the hey! I feel like I'm missing something. What a sweet little girl she is, food thrower and all.