our weekend goal

myron & i recently decided that we wanted to make my workspace a happy/more inspired place.

nothin' too special: just a spot in the abode where I can feel happy, calm, & creative,
as opposed to:
obligated, cranky, & disorganized.

we are uprooting my current craft room down the hall, to the previous black hole.

the old craft room will be dedicated to chloe's big girl palace in the future, but for now, our guest retreat.

we picked out a lovely shade of light blue-ish for the walls in the new room.

i got home from work the other night to a happy surprise: myron painting away.
{honestly, that man, i could marry him 10 mil times over.}
i wept a few tears @ the thoughtfullness, in fact.

and now, he's doing some more, to hopefully be finished by tomorrow.
{i am so excited.}

updates to come.

*better go help!

{happy friday}


Colette Goodman said...

I love when husbands to things that remind us why we married them. Good luck with the painting.

•stephanie• said...

wow . . . i SO need to update, too. a friend came in my laundry/craft/sewing/wrapping room the other day and couldn't help commenting on the '70s wallpaper, and how i should get rid of it. rude. it was totally from the '90s!

Unknown said...

Hey Angie,

good luck! By the way guess what is at the Feed Store this week? Baby ducks, yip, oh so darn cute but, the lady said my chickens will peck them so I better wait, til I can get a room set up for the. $5.00 per baby duck. Actually this kind lady wants to give us ducks in QC if we go someday.
Ok, well I was also wondering as I am kind of foggy lately. NOw the double page spread is how much?
Just for the second one? I know the first is $3.00. Ok, well this is what I get from straying away from being 1 year faithful to your class then adios amiga I go. LOL
Have Fun!

Em said...

What a sweet guy! Good luck on painting up some inspiration. Get those creative juices flowin'

Amy said...

How fun! Just channel the Karate kid and it will be done in a snap!

Kim said...

Tell Myron he rocks! It's great to have husbands that know just the right things to do to make us happy and glad we married them. Good luck with the painting. I will be thinking about you while I'm at Scrapbooks Etc. all day Saturday. Can't wait to see the finished room.
Have a great weekend♥

Marilyn said...

yay-what a sweet guy. Yay to the fact that you have posted. yay for your new crafty room. Have a great weekend-BTW-go see my blog and post something-maybe you'll win the prize!! hee hee

Sassy said...

LUUUUUUUUUUCKY!!! I have one of those black holes that my kids refer to as the outer darkness room or mom's crap room, whatever their mood is for the day... How fun for you and how sweet of your hubby to do this. Have fun making it special.

Kapri said...

how very fun. I love blue...after watching Top Design on Bravo, I'm thinking about using pale pale blue in my house...so excited for you to have a new space...

cori said...

looks like so much fun! so fun!

Lisa said...

i can't wait to see your new creative space!!!

Dewitt's said...

It is posts like these that make you wish that all husbands read blogs! ; ) Nice work!

The Parkers said...

Hey Angie, it's Ally...I got my mom a scentsy for Christmas and she has only one smell...she is wanting to get some more and you are the only one I know if in AZ that knows where to get them. Can you get me some information that I can pass a long to my mom so she can't get some more? Thanks so much!

Coree Adams said...

awwww that is so sweet. Yet again, another reason I love being friends with you and My. We need those kinds of examples in our home. :)

Coree Adams said...

Oh ya btw, can't wait to see it!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Good morning!

Thanks again for placing the extra kits/paper on hold for me. Can you believe that I've already assembled the pages AND they have pictures on them?!?!? Woo! Hoo! They aren't just sitting in a plastic container waiting for me to have TIME to scrapbook.

Would you please tell me what the theme is for March's Season of Love?


The Wizzle said...

Go Myron! I love new paint, makes me feel all happy and motivated. I hope it works for you!

angiedunn said...


Ya totally! March seasons of ♥ is:

1 easter page {pink/blue/yellows/green flowers}

1 springtime page
{pink, red, blue, lime flowers}

1 lucky/green page
{dark green, lime green}

Go you w/ the completed page kits! That's awesome! I hope all is well with you!

ForeverSarahLee said...

I have our master bedroom and the boys bedroom painted with a soft pale blue, and I absolutely LOVE it! In ours we've got the whole blue & brown thing going on (my FAVE). And the boys have got that pale blue with a bright/deep red in there. It's such a cute boys room! :0)

Anywho, don't you just love those amazing husbands who are constantly doing sweet things for their significant other?! Myron rocks! I'm glad you've got a husband like him. I too get teary eyed when Matt does super sweet things for me, but then again I am kind of a big ball baby too ;0)

Kaelene said...

I'm glad that he is so considerate of you!
And go you for having a new creation station!