"...and on a sunday, i'll think it through"

so people: here's my story.

it's been a crazy week.
achievement day.
scrap sale.
3 all nighters/no sleep for me.
calorie counting.
a migraine.
leaving my sweet girl & my sweet man too much.
a million projects.
a busted tv.
very little blogging time.
a sad-n-cluttery abode.
& life again.

needless to say: i was ready for my fave day of the week: sunday.

sunday means church, happy feelings, family, very little pressure, naps, singing & learning, and no stress on purpose.

and myron makes biscuits & gravy.


this fine sunday, i have had this lovely hymn in my head for no particular reason at all.

each life that touches ours for good,
relfects thine own great mercy lord.
thou sendest blessings from above
thru words and deeds of those we love

what greater gift dost thou bestow?
what greater goodness can we know?
than christlike friends whose gentle ways
strengthen our faith, enrich our days.

lately in my life, i have been very overwhelmed {in a good way} by just that:
the goodness of all the people around me.

good friends.
blog buddies.
church associates.
work commadres.

after spending the week among so many fabulous women @ the store, chillin' w/ amazing girlies i've gotten to know through my church calling, chattin with the nice stranger in the line @ voting on tuesday, missing my out-of-town family that went back to oregon, missing my in-town family that i haven't seen all week, sitting next to dear friends @ a scrapbooking late nighter {thanks again for your help tam}, shootin' the breeze with my mom on the phone tonight, and spending saturday morn from 7-noon with some of the most delightful women i know...

has reminded me, yet again:
life is amazing.

i love that every single person we meet, we can gleen *at least* one fabulous attribute or lesson from.

no matter our differences, we can all find amazing qualities about each other that we'd like to incorporate into our own lives & existence.

i could spend all night listing specific people & what a difference they have made in my life.

by a sweet gift.
a kind comment.
a thoughtful gesture.
an act of service.

but if i went in alpha order, it'd take me a decade to even get through the a's!
i'd spend five years on amy totty alone!

i love that everyone's different and unique. i love that everyone has their own talents & strengths to bring to the table. i love that we all have specific gifts from god that are given to us to bless the lives of others.

this reminds me that there is absolutely NO reason to compare ourselves to the people around us...because we ALL have something to offer. we are all special & unique. we all have a place, even when it doesn't seem like it.

i love that we are all together here on this crazy earth to "mourn with those that mourn & comfort those that stand in need of comfort." i am so appreciative of all the fabulous people in my life who "strengthen my feeble knees" and help me to grow & become.

i'm so grateful to the heavens above for sending that song to my crazy brain this morning.

just ponderin' that for a quick uno-momento has liberated me from my occasional/not-so-occasional feelings of self doubt & insecurity.

a sincere thanks goes to all of you: for being each life that touches mine for good.

{happy sunday, almost monday}


maccam said...

Ya, I'm first! Such a cute blog! I love the song of choice. I feel the same way...and let me just say Ang...you are definitely a life that touches ours for good! Happy Sunday almost Monday. Love, Cam

rachbechep said...

well. believe it or not but you touch my life too angie.
i wish us cousins could live closer together...how much more fun would life be?!?!?!

Patterson Family said...

I needed that!If you couldn't tell it is almost 4:00 and I am Awake cause cotter is sick and I am having False labor pains and going crazy cause I still have no baby! I am sad I missed your sale-I bet you would have had tons of stuff I would have gone nuts for!

Marilyn said...

Ahh angie-yours is the 1st blog i read in the morning and this was the best! Thanks for touching my life for good...(hope the scrap sale was good...we missed it..sniff)

Mark Dixon said...

Thanks! What wonderful perspective you have about our life.

runningfan said...

I realized this weekend that I packed all my hymnbooks! Totally thought I had one in the piano bench. I love the power of the hymns. Miss you, too, Angie!

granny said...

Reading this was a great way to start the day, even if it was a bit tearyish for me. I'm grateful for you.

ForeverSarahLee said...

Aaw! Ang, a sincere thanks to YOU too for being so great yourself! Serously, you brighten so many people's lives as well. You rock!

And hey, just ask Laura. I don't even know WHEN it's going to be or anything...

Laura Blue said...

i love reading your posts. they're always so uplifting and you always say something sweet. you are the least selfish person i know and your testimony is huge! you inspire me and make me want to do better. i love you ang

The Candlands said...

Your testimony rocks girl! Your blog is the first one I read in the morning and I swear I am always upflited. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings! Speaking of everyone having their own talents...did I ever recommend the book "Cure For The Common Life: Finding Your Sweet Spot"? Or maybe you have read it already? This book talks about how we are all preprogrammed by our loving Father in Heaven and sent down with a "backpack" of talents that are ours alone to develop and share. Basically that booked changed mine and my husbands lives. It's how he decided to take 10 steps back in life and finish his degree and get a PhD in Marriage and Family Counseling. If you haven't read it, its one of those great uplifting books. We read most of it on a snowy Sunday afternoon when we lived in Colorado (by the fireplace of course)! It is written by Max Lucado who wrote the books "You Are Special". The funny thing is, he's like a baptist minister, but his insight and life lessons are wonderful. Okay, this is getting long...Happy Monday Ang!

cori said...

I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I knew you:

there is a song for you... i love wicked can you tell? anyway. totally inspiring post. you are so great miss angie. i think i need to go wipe my eyes now. excuse me.

and thanks for starting my monday off so sweetly.

Kim said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! You're so uplifting and you brighten up my days and make me want to be the best I can be.
Have a great Monday!

Unknown said...

Oh so sweet Angie. Thanks for being the person you are!

People should always make a point to compliment each other! Little things in life mean so much to so many people. Little did anyone know that some people know alot of people but, don't get to interact as much with each other like we should.

Then we met people at the SBE store, friends, teachers, etc. and they become our friends. this means alot to me and I am glad we can always set everyone's differences aside and recognize that we are all people whom needs each other as friends.

Thanks for such inspiration, on this fine Monday morning.

P.S. I often carry hymans with me from church for the week!

•stephanie• said...

you really have a gift for being able to state things so eloquently. i mean, honestly . . . when i read this post, i thought, "that's exactly how i feel, too" about lots of the things you said, but i never would have been able to put my finger on just how to state it.

great job, angie. you are remarkable. and thank you!

Alisse Baldwin said...

Isn't it interesting how...

"The haze clears from your eyes on a Sunday."

Thanks for this post, yo.

Julie Jan said...

I love coming to your blog because you have some of the best posts! I had a very busy week myself, away from my family and I was so grateful when Sunday came too!! Hope you have a more relaxed week!

The Wizzle said...

That does sound like a crazy week! I hope everything went well. Thanks for the shout-out - you're not so bad yourself!

Steph (and Bryant) said...

That song is in my top 3 favorite hymns! Thank you for always putting your thoughts so perfectly into words...I love it! You are absolutely AMAZING.

Staci said...

you are amazing.

I love that you said there is no need to compare ourselves to others! I COMPLETELY 100% agree. I know we all do it. But there is NO need! It usually drives me nuts when people do. Live your life the way that YOU want to live your life...enjoying others, but not worrying about what others have in comparison to you!

Thanks for this wonderful post & the wonderful hymn!

Jolene George said...

Angie...those were some very sweet and sincere thoughts. I love to see when people have a genuine love and appreciation for others. I know so many people appreciate you...myself included.

Unknown said...

You are so sweet. It is oddly comforting to hear that even as well-put together chicka as you ever has a moment of insecurity. I love Sundays too- for that very reason! What a cutehead you are. Thanks for that pick-me-up!

Tammy said...

Wow Ang!

Brillantly written, I actually had tears in my eyes, you said it way better than I was trying too..but you are right, we ALL have something to bring to the table and contribute, even if it's just a much needed smile :)

Thanks for being my friend..you rock!

Unknown said...

you always say just the right words in such a cute, simple way! you're the best angie & such a good example to everyone, to look for the good in people and things around us everyday! love ya girl!

Coree Adams said...

Just so ya know. You are that kind of person for me ALL the time. When I think of someone who makes me happy when life sucks, or who gives me a boost of confidence, a true friend always and forever without waivering, someone who knows more about my life than anyone else - because we grew up one in the same, even though we didn't meet until 1999-ish, a friend who I know no matter what I wear, say, feel, or do will always be there for me and leave me feeling WAY better than I did before. You are truly an amazing friend and I thank my lucky stars and the heavens above for you EVERYDAY!!! Love you Ang

Ali said...

That has always been one of my all-time favorite hymns. It has so much meaning!

Amy said...

Ok you=the the sweetest person in the world! THanks for being you and for touching my life in more ways than I can count! We really need to get together just the two of us and go to lunch or dinner!

Chelsea said...

Ditto to EVERYTHING everyone said. You are incredible. Thanks for the awesome reminders to look for the great in everyone. You are so inspiring!!

Jackie said...

Wow, it seems every day I think you have totally reached my heart so deep that you will never make it deeper. Then, you go and do this. Thanks so much for being such an inspiration to me. You are awesome and I think God daily for putting you in my life. You rock girl!!!

Sassy said...

Each life that touches ours for good is one of my very favorite hymns...it always pulls at my heartstrings every time I hear it.
YOU my friend are one of those that has touched my life for good, one night when I couldn't have gone another step and felt totally wiped out, I came home to the most adorably wrapped gift meant for me from you and I will never forget that thoughtful gesture. YOU'RE THE BEST, MY FRIEND!!!!♥♥♥