quiets all my fears

we have a "tradition" at our house.

it's called
chloe refuses to go to sleep
so you sing to her &
tickle her back
until she does"

typically, i act
pretty put off by this routine.
[i mean: just go to bed

*but i am
often quickly humbled
by instances like tonight
when she says:

"mom, i sing, k?"

and her
sweet little mini-mouse voice
proceeds to sing me this:

"i see my mother kneeling
with our family each day
i hear the words she whispers
as she bows her head to pray
her plea to the father
quiets all my fears
and i am thankful
love is spoken here."


i have
so much to work on as a mother.

i mean,
sometimes i lose my
patience, temper, and sanity
all at the same time.
fyi: it's not pretty.}

but i know,
all of us.
as in:
mothers or not.
have a purpose.
a plan.
and a
reason for our struggles.

small struggles like bedtime.

big struggles that seem
more than we can bare.

know that we have a heavenly father
help us & guide us.

i know that.
i'm so grateful to
for reals know that.

...and i just had to
take a sec tonight to
let the world-
ish know via my blog
that i
acknowledge his hand
all that i am & hope to become.



granny said...

You are a great mom...keep up the good work. Hearing her sing melts my heart every time.

The Wizzle said...

So, so true.

Also - she's not in a crib! What what?

Vicki Johnson said...

Absolutely Precious.
You will never regret these memories

Unknown said...

What a sweetie, don't mind that I almost started crying at work when I read what song she sang to you. I think my heart just melted like butter!! You are a fabulous mother, I am just sure of it. How lucky we are to know that our Father in Heaven is always looking out for us.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

You are often wise beyond your years Angie... beautiful post..

heather said...

I love you. That's all.

Ashley said...

Aww that is SO sweet that she sang that song! It must have just melted your heart!

Jamie said...

Your girlies are amazing - just like their mama!

Lori said...

Didn't you know that children are angels without wings? She is a cutie.

Tanya Leigh said...

So, so SO, SO true. Thanks fer sharing.

mishalee said...

Nothing humbles like a sweet little voice singing primary songs. I'm glad I checked your blog this morning, what a great reminder. Thank you.

mishalee said...
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Unknown said...

Keep the Faith.....
atta girl Angie!!!
Mother's are the strongest there is! We can do all things through Christ, that strengtens me!
Whoo_hoo for you!

Marisa and Rob said...

So cute! :) How are you guys doing?! I heard you were coming to bunco next Thursday at Beth's!!! :) Your girls are so cute!

m = michelle said...

once again, you prove how someone can get cooler with every passing moment!!!

Emily Moffat said...

There is nothing sweeter than children singing. I turn to mush when it's primary songs. Mush.

Thanks for sharing! You always brighten my day!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Ang, I love LOVE love it!

So very true. And as someone looking in from the outside, I think you're doing a great job. The fact that you DO worry, means you're doing better than MOST. sad, but true.

I can't wait to be a mom, just so I can experience all of this craziness. LoL! Steve's daughter Hanna fights sleep too. But putting her to bed is my favorite part of the day. She says bedtime prayers with me, has me rub her arm (and sometimes back) and sings/talks to me until she koncks out. Precious moments are always had. Reminds me of the Rob Thomas song, These Small Hours. Love it!

cori said...

and i clench my heart. then sings my soul.

love ya.

this got to me. for reals. you are doing it angie! you are doing good things. that is true.

p.s. you make cute babies. ugh. so cute!

Sassy said...

You are a great mother! I am glad you write down what she says and how she says it...you think you won't forget but sadly you do...I did!!!!