this is a picture of me being bitter.

i tried oh-so very hard to avoid gettin' the sickies this season.

but, it's official:
we've caught
{the crud}.

scratchy throats, warm foreheads, water eyes, stuffy noses, ears that won't {freakin'} pop, two-year-old molars, and bad attitudes a-plenty are visiting the dunn res this week.


but never fear,
i just visited dr. angieinpink
& she prescribed

*lots of naps & sleeping in
*many-a warm bath w/ "the secret life of bees"
*cozy flannel blankets/comedy-night-done-
right ala mode
*obnoxiously generous doses o' the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, sleep better, to feel better medicine.

{happy not-so-healthy thursday!}

oh, and ps: say "my friend" lost {as in never to be found again} her one and only key to her car...what should she do if she needs to be able to drive her vehicle eventually...or like, say saturday?


Kaytie Brown said...

OH MAN!! "The Crud"!! That's the worst. Hope you get better SO soon. Good luck with the key situation. You could always get the word out on the street that you need someone with "criminal expertise" to help you hotwire your car. :)
P.S. I like your hair color. A lot.

O'Loughlin Family said...

Depending on the year of your car you can call the dealer with the VIN and they can order or cut a new key. Good luck.


Unknown said...

I just wanted to say, hope you feel better. It is amazing how quickly this comes on. I take airborne, just incase, as I am with all the germs also as everyone is taking turns being sick now. Especially delivering papers in the windy early morning hours.
My dr. a while back, years back, also prescribed singular for allergies and I take it daily with my vitamins also.

But, Angie Airborne really works. That teacher was very smart to invent such a vitamin regime.

Ok, well you get plenty of rest and loads of agua, that works great also.

Marilyn said...

So sorry you have the icky cruds and you had to go out last night???Thanks for the copy....HOpe you feel better soon. Sounds like you have the right prescription for recovery. My advice-call a locksmith and be prepared to pay :(

Michelle said...

Sorry you're feeling crappy!

Have 'Your friend' call the delearship. You may be able to have them key you a new one.

Unknown said...

sorry about the crud. i hear just about the entire state of az has caught the bug this year! not "good things". but... you do look beautiful in your bitter picture! and tell "your friend" good luck with the key/car situation. (:

Kim said...

Sorry your house is not feeling good. Well wishes your way so everyone is better soon ☺

Tell your "friend" to do as the others have said and call the dealership. I haven't done it before but they did tell us they could do that when we bought our Honda.

Good Luck and if you need anything I'm close, call me.

Coree Adams said...

Poor Dunns! While in that picture I can surely see the bitterness in your eyes, you are also looking BEAUTIFUL! Get better soon so we can play! LOVE YA!

Unknown said...

Eeww I hate the sickies!!! Sorry you guys are plagued with it... but the upside is, you don't have the barfies! I had that last week and seriously thought I was going to die ha ha

amy mo said...

I don't mean to laugh, but that key situation sounds SOO much like me! & it's a toyota, right? If so you (or your friend) can go to the dealership and they'll make a new one with the VIN. I was very close to doing that when I "locked" my spare in the car at wendys (aka dropped it between the soda fountain and condiment counter). I'm sure myron told you the story.

Staci said...

Sorry you guys aren't feeling good:( Yuck. But sounds like you are on the right track to feeling better with the naps & warm bath remedy!

Tell your "friend" to call me & borrow my car all day on Saturday. I'm serious. I don't need to use my car tomorrow!

Natalie said...

Angie - So sad you are sick. That's been going around our house too...
Hey - are you doing the 12 page baby layout in March again? I'd like to order that...what do I do? Should I email you? If you can, sign me up for the boy kit!

Kylie said...

Being sick is never fun!! I have a "friend" who also lost her one and only key to her car the other day. Luckily is was found wedged between the crib bumper and the crib--her husband advised her that when she only has ONE key to her car, it probably isn't wise to let the baby play with it! Ü

kacee said...

I love the "bitterness" pic.

Sorry to hear about the crud and your friends keys - we have an extra car if she needs it on Saturday...;)

Unknown said...

Guess what Angie? I forgot to tell you. Not only did I lose my toyota sienna van key, my hyuandai key, my house key, but, My whole entire key chain, some where in this very unorganized house of mine. So,
if this makes you feel better, I hope so. Boo Hoo! I was getting ready for the bridal shower, took my whole entire key chain off the table with me(for some reason, i don't know), then went to the scrapbook mess, then in our closet and yammo, no keys. hum,
In the Catholic church, we say a prayer to St. Anthony, Patron saint of lost items. I sure hope he answers me soon and you find yours as well.
take care

MeL said...

If it were me I would most likely/definitely cry and ask my husband not to hate me. Sorry you're sick, I got that twice last month and stinking Philip didn't get it at all! How is that fair?

Kapri said...

we missed you on Thursday...so very sad you are sick! Get better soon!

Unknown said...

I found my keys. YIPPEE!!!!!
Did you??? Mine were on the chair on the dining room table. Sleep deprived perhaps I.
take care and besides the fact, you always look lovely!

Jenn said...

I am sorry the house is feeling ick! I sure hope you are all getting better. I HATE being sick!I'm so whiney and always call my mom~

Sassy said...


Kelli said...

So, I'm a pretty sarcastic person, and can't usually deliver a compliment without it sounding like I'm mocking or making fun, but I just have to say, that is a SUPER pretty picture of you. I know that was your "bitter" face, (my bitter face is way better, probably b/c I've had more practice at it), but you seriously look flawless. Very striking. And I mean that sincerely.

Oh, and I'm sorry you were sick, and I approve of your self-prescribed treatment. Secret Life of Bees - great choice.