the blaze

we were informed via letter from the HOA yesterday, that it is no longer acceptable to park any of our vehicles on the street next to our house.

and since myron & i are {FIRM} believers in paying strict heed to the rules & regs o' the CC&R's, we have decided to bid farewell to the fifth member of our family, our third ride,
midnight blue.
{formerly known as old blue.}

which brings me to the next portion of this post:

TOP 20 reasons why YOU and/or your white trash uncle need/want to be the proud owner{s} of midnight blue:

20. baby blue sculptured carpet.
{need i say more?}

19. you get out of it smelling like a real man.
{aka BO/gasoline/dust}

18. it's ghetto-wired for a bumpin' system.

17. it runs like a champ.

16. you can park it in front of your mom's house for nine-point-three months and it totally {won't} get stolen.

15. all inclusive rear view window bling.

14. it's fantastic for assisting in moving endeavors, bed/furniture relocations, and dump-drop-off extravaganzas.

13. it's totally perf for boy-ish type retreats including but not limited to camping, shooting, and/or four wheeling.

12. it will make your country-loving husband so happy that even YOU will start loving it.
{sort of}

11. because it's a little rough around the edges, you totally won't feel guilty just spitting your sunflower seeds directly onto the floor.
{they'll vacuum.}

10. it would make a happy little fixer upper project for any boy-buddy combo or father/son duo.

9. wood workers special: classy emblems & paneling.

8. rockin' prime/paint job compliments of dunn/adams incorporated.
{15 cans of $1 walmart spray paint + two hilarious husbands}

7. your tv repair man will be really jealous of it.

6. it has a removable back bench and a removable top, making for a stellar drive-in movie experience.

5. it only leeks power steering fluid.

4. {and a tiny bit of oil.}

3. it always passes emissions with FLYING colors.
{totally serious...go green, yo.}

2. you will only pay $54.23-ish per month to insure it full coverage style.

& last, but certainly not least:

#1. "75% of the time, it works every time."

if you know any awesome person who'd like to take this lovely '77 k5 4WD Blaze
off our hands for the low price of
{one single g} obo...

please email my man @

{happy thursday!}


cori said...

does the horn work? and does it have a gun rack?

Lisa said...

Ha Ha. Awesome ride. That goes along perfectly with my last post, "Do You Avoid the Junky Car?"

I love the crap-mobiles in our lives.

runningfan said...

And the award for Best Top Twenty List EVER goes to...the owners of Midnight Blue!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Can we please throw in one of the two cars taking up residence in the Jones garage? There's midnight blue's cousin Seymore and rust red other car..

granny said...

Thanks for making me laugh today!

Unknown said...

You are sooo funny! I love that blazer, reminds me of one of our 5 automobiles. Juan's 1979 Toyota farm truck(he grew up partly in Lehi) that has 146K original miles on it and it running strong. Almost a antique vehicle and can get the new plate then.
Hope you find a buyer as we don't need anymore.
P.S. love sunflower seeds also as I have done that before. LOL

Chelsea said...

Cody is sitting behind me as I read this. I think he "oohhed and ahhhed" at every feature. Including, "Wow, it's even a k5. That is really hard to get. Dang"

Not sure what all he meant by that...I am really glad I live REALLY far from you at the moment! (No offense!) :)

rachbechep said...

ang...i pretty much almost wet myself as i read this. thank you, thank you, and thank you for making my snowy day so much better!

Mark Dixon said...

To paraphrase King Agrippa ... Almost thou persuadest me to be a Blazer owner! (See Acts 26:32)

Unknown said...

lol to many of these reasons, but especially #1! ha ha! hopefully your t repair man sees this post so he knows it´s for sale!

Drew and Tarah said...

you are hilarious! have i already mentioned to you how much i love your blog??? it makes me feel so boring!!!

Marilyn said...

hee hee hee...just put a sign on it and park it somewhere and the Mexicans with cold hard cash will come looking for you....seriously..we did that with an old van....it's probably in Guatemala by now....

cori said...

and what is the sound system like?

Kapri said...

so very funny...thanks for coming today...Rome is excited for his new DVD!

MeL said...

Um, no thanks. Happy blazer day to whoever decides to buy it though!

katie said...

reminds me of our orange truck. Especially 19, 18, 13, and 10. However, not so much 17.... Because the Boy (aka Tyler) has it parked on my parents' driveway, trying to get it to run. (it ran for a couple days, then stopped working again.) And before that, it sat in my parents' backyard for like 2 1/2 years. Making us super white trash looking.

Good luck selling your beast. My mom wishes we would sell ours...

Alisse Baldwin said...


Sassy said...

No thanks!!! We have a crapmobile sitting next to our home already...our son decided to buy a huge ol' grandma caddie and then decided to leave and serve a mission, THE NERVE!!!lol
I hate it, it is a constant reminder that he is g-o-n-e...

Good luck selling your cute blue fun truck, you shouldn't have much trouble...you have such a huge following on your blog, you are much loved my friend.

Coree Adams said...

Ok this could quite possibly be the funniest post I've read in a very long time. Good old Blue. I hope you can find a nice home for him. Someone who will appreciate all of the wonderful perks of owning such a vehicle, and maybe even appreciate the love that the Dunn's (and Adams, I might add) have for it. If we had a single g to drop on it, I'm sure Bryan would buy it in a heartbeat. LUVS

The Wizzle said...

Oooh, tempting, but sadly we are already the (not so) proud owners of three vehicles. So I'm going to have to pass on this one. Good luck finding it a home!

reddladybug said...

This blog entry is "reason 505 why I LOVE Angie!"

Breanna and Martin said...

hmm can't say I need the car...BUT i do have your jewelry! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! When will you be at Scrapbooks etc. next? I can for sure leave it there.
Did you find anything out about a catalog partaaayyy?

O'Loughlin Family said...

I am almost tempted to purchase it simple because I love this post so much. I couldn't stop laughing.

Stoddard Studios said...

awesome car! love the post.