freestyle wednesday

i'm just gonna type
{anything & everything}
about my day/life
that comes into my brain:

♥we are all health-i-fied; the night quill is polished off.

ed @ superstition toyota programed us 2 new keys for our corolla.
pricetag: $230.46

♥sandboxes are obnoxiously messy, yet {very} worth it.

♥my freshly painted scrapbooking sanctuary is becoming more finished & ocd-ly organized by the minute.

♥brooke rocked AI last night.
and i pretty much love the guy with the dreads too.

♥i no longer have a crush on simon cowell.
{david archuleta has taken his place.}

♥is my nose really as big as it looks in this picture?
{don't answer that.}

♥myron's freckles make me happy.

♥i have reserved the better part of tomorrow to clean things, surfaces, and clothing.
{i have so much laundry, i have a *blasted* yellow pile.}

♥i'm kinda cravin' ted's hot dogs for dinner.
*sorry if that grosses you out.

♥speaking of hot dogs: chloe pretends she's a dog, on all fours.
and pants.
[it's freaking hysterical.]

♥i'm getting mo
re sleep lately.
[insert hallelujah chorus here.]

♥chlo' also randomly prays in her little language @ any given time.
{be prepared to bow your head!}

♥i have taylor swift/track #5 set on repeat in my car.

♥if you are looking to get inspired for spring, go here.

♥ our new-ish ps3 is busted. we're bitter & we miss rock band.

♥i found $11 dollars in my jeans today.
{gotta love that.}

♥tonight=homemade pedicures & family time.

{happy wednesday evening kids!}


Mark Dixon said...

I was talking to Lon Safko on the phone when your blog showed up on my Flock blog list. Lon told me how much he appreciates the work you do. Loved your blog today. Sorry about the expensive keys.


Beth Curtis said...

I am watching AI as we speak. Great season. I have my top 6 I can't narrow it down anymore. see ya tomorrow!

sandalloons40 said...

Glad you got your keys, you nose is perfect!(just had to comment, sorry)
I am curious to see your scrapbooking room as on my blog I am posting my wonderful addiction mess. Take care

cori said...

yah for this post. i mentioned just last night, that i like it when simon smiles. he is kinda cute that way. and yeah for brooke, and boo for david forgetthelyrics boy. so sad for him. he was all nervous. but still think he is so cute and little.

i love that little chloe prays. get ready to bow your head that is hysterical.

what happened to your ps3? that is tragic. seriously. hope all is well in rock band land soon.

and can't wait to see your scrapbook room!!! hurry K?

and do you eat onions on hot dogs? cuz i do, and i love it. especially at baseball games.

i think thats all!

amanda p. said...

hey!!!!! So I clicked and was ready to get inspired for my #2 favorite holiday(K, Halloween is #1 & no, I'm not creepy) and you tricked me. What a bust it was just silly old me :) But thanks for the shout out! Nice girlie! I wish we could see each other in person more often and get to hang out cause I think you're kinda amazing :)

ps. I LOVE Chloe's sandbox. What a cute idea!

Unknown said...

loving the random list! i love taylor swift!!! i agree with cori, simon does have a good smile. (: i also can´t wait to see pictures of the remodeled black hole!

Marilyn said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect day to me! ♥

Marilyn said...
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runningfan said...

Have fun with the sandbox while the fun/messy balance is still in your favor.

Can't wait to see pics of your new room.

LOVE the picture of you and Myron!

Wish I could hear Chloe speak/pray. I've never heard anything sweeter.

Love ya!

Laurie said...

Your blog is so fun to read- I love all the randomness of your day! (who knew new keys would cost so much?!)

Amy said...

I mourn with you about ROck Band. We only have Guitar hero and seeing as I beat SLASH yesterday....and I am completely addicted....I feel your sorrow!
Holy cow rocks my world! (Although that does not mean I can stop using clorox wipes.....I am also addicted to those)

Jolene George said...

Angie...I seroiusly love reading your blog. I love the way you think...the way you write...I love it all. You just make me so happy!
We ate at Ted's hotdogs when my son Chad was home on 2 week leave last summer. Must have cash to eat there. I love Brooke and David...my top 2 favorites. I also really enjoy the guy in the dreads. His voice is awesome. I love Simon and don't love Ryan.
Gld you're enjoying your new schedule. I can't function without one. I get feeling ovewhelmed too easy if I don't write things down.
I love Chloe's sandbox and her sweet random prayers.

Coree Adams said...

Your nose is NOT big, and I have never understood why you think that it is!!! You are beautiful, I love you, I love Chloe, I love Myron, and Mr. M, and the fish (are they still living?) and I love that we MIGHT actually get to hang out this weekend!!!!!

Alisse Baldwin said...

Lovin' the freestyle.

Speaking of, the husband and I went swimming the other night and holy cow! Swimming Freestyle is a workout in the pool! I'm getting old.

Kylie said...

♥ed your post!! The font I used on the game is Rebekah's Birthday!

Unknown said...

Hey, Can you tell your friends I have chicken eggs for sale for $1.50 per dozen. We feed them flock raiser, scratch and egg maker, all organic, plus grapefruit, oranges, popcorn, cabbage, lettuce, cilentro, and of coarse an occasional cheeto or two. They love them so much.

granny said...

Tell Myron to get a Ryan Seacrest (is that spelled right?) imitation going. Honestly, they would be twins, except Myron is so awesome and Ryan is so annoying.

Sorry about the keys. You can find the old ones now. Isn't that the way it works?

The Fletchies said...

I don't think I have ever owned enough yellow things to have a yellow pile. For that you should be congratulated. Congratulations.