the girls & i enjoyed the sweetest FHE late this afternoon.
we had a delightful little picnic on the mesa temple grounds.

we packed up "special treats" that i {very rarely} buy
[lunchables & capri suns]....{+ baby carrots for good measure}
& chilled together on a blanket among the peaceful, beautiful green grass, daffodils & pansies.

we sang songs like this one,
this one, and this one.
{and yes: people probably thought we were crazy.}

we worked a homemade temple puzzle & talked about how families can be together forever.
the girls colored temple printables on clipboards for our hard-working daddy.
we went to the visitors center to see the christus & watched a short presentation about families.

i managed to snap this [semi-lame] picture before my camera battery died.
[story of my life.]
but it's okay, because i'm pretty sure my heart captured this sweet memory.

honestly, this fieldtrip was just what i needed.
my current angie-worries were calmed & my testimony was strengthened.

the temple brought that amazing perspective that it always, [always] does
& reminded me of what is most important in my life.

as we were leaving, chloe said, "i can feel jesus in my heart."

i could too. :)


granny said...

Chloe always hits the nail on the head. Kinda made me tear up, I'm not gonna lie.

amanda p. said...

AND I got to see your amazing face!!!! You=amazing mom and cutest thing ever!

runningfan said...

You're the cutest mom ever. What a great activity.

The Wizzle said...

That is such a great FHE idea! We had a picnic lunch on the north lawn of the temple last week, and it was such a genius idea I don't know why I've never done it before! A friend suggested it, but we didn't have time to go to the visitor's center that day. Next on the agenda!

Kristen said...

Yeah, you rock in the mothering department. BTW, we should totally go to the temple some time. . .

Lori said...

I work kind of near the Temple and there are many occasions that I eat my lunch in the car, with the windows down in the parking lot of the Temple. I love watching people come and go from the visitor center and wonder if they've been touched by the spirit. I think it is my most favorite place to dine.

Sassy said...

It sounded like a perf FHE!!! I really love that little Chloe.....and I really love Chloe's Mommy!

Staci said...

I'm pretty sure you are the most incredible mom in the entire world! Props to an amazing family night!

Bev said...

I wanna be in your fam!! Love this!

Unknown said...

oh my. reading chloe's comment made me tear up! the temple is such a special place.

The Garner Family said...

You girlies are the cutest! You should have had me snap a picture for you! :)

rachbechep said...

cutest idea in the world.
makes me want to go on a picnic!
& chloe is precious.
she knows what life is all about...that's for sure! :)

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

what a great day! and chloe, awh is just so sweet and cute. she is surely has the spirit in her!