shameless{/full?} self-promotion time!

k, so,
i've posted these leftover kits from past randoms...
so check out my etsy shop if you feel so inclined!
$5 a pop. :)

i'm doing my regular & super-fun/ monthly workshop at scrapbooks etc.
[photo frenzy] on february 24th from 6-8 pm.
i'd [sososo] love to see anyone who can make it!
it's $23 & we do 3 double spreads.
sign up @ www.scrapbooks-etc.com or call 480-854-2303.
here's a sneak peek @ one of the layouts we'll be doing:

and lastly:

i'm gonna start taking on a little custom work too!
totally spread the word if you know anyone who is interested.
i charge $15/hour
+ the cost of product. [a layout takes about an hour.]
if you know anyone who is looking for simple, angie-style scrapbooking, have 'em drop me a line!


k, that's all.
thanks loves.


Mitchellaneous said...

Seriously, I can vouch for Angie's skill on custom items. I gave her a vague idea of what I wanted and she surpassed my expectations. It's amazing.

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

k, so totally good for you for plugging away! :)

i will certainly send ppl your way if/when they need scrapbooking done! because you are amazing!

Kristen said...

I am so stinkin' excited that I can finally do this! I'll see you there. :)

Emily Moffat said...

Yea! I'm really happy to hear you're opening on Etsy again. I think you're a scrapbooking genius, and you deserve to get some cash for it! Does that sound strange? I don't care, it's what I think.

By the way, I just thought of this, but have you ever thought of expanding and designing cards or invitations or the like? Okay, I know you just reopened, but for those who don't scrapbook, but LOVE your creativity, I thought it might be lovely. Yes, I guess I've gone from fan to manager. :)