fridge 4 sale

wanna buy this fridge? about 2 years old....immaculate condition....pretty standard style but works great! [14.4 cu ft] $150/firm on price. pick up asap.
email me! angieinpink@gmail.com

ps: i'm on one of my clean sweep kicks [feeling claustrophobic] so i might be posting random garage sale type items for sale. ♥

pps: etsy update tomorrow! stay tuned!!


granny said...

It always makes my heart happy when angieinpink lights up on my reader. Good luck with the fridge!

Bev said...

I love the magnets on the front....only you!!
PS.....loved, loved, loved the Valentine! You make me smile so BIG!!! ♥ you!!

Amanda Jane said...

I would purchase that fridge based entirely on the creative magnet use. Good Work Angie! You made my day.

Alison said...

love the magnets