happiness project, step two

step 1 of my happiness project has been, well, a happy experience.

i started by making a list of feelings, patterns & behaviors that i would like to let go of.

like, officially, permanently, let go of.

i then took that list & converted it into a collection of beliefs that i have subconsciously taught myself over the years.
i took some time to recognize them as un-truths that were damaging my spirit.
and then i proceeded to, 1 by 1, let go of those beliefs because they are no longer serving me.

it took prayer.
it took conscious thought & breathing.
it took revisiting the scriptures to find truth that zaps those lies away.
it took having courage to believe i could live a different way.

i have tried to let go several times before,
but one thing i was really reminded of over the passed few weeks, is that letting go will {absolutely} have to be a
daily thing for me. daily repentance, to me, means relinquishing control of my will & desires, to god, one day at a time...being grateful for all the blessings & tools that he has given me & asking for his help to find my way for another 24 hours.

it's not going to take over night, or a mere 3 weeks, for me to un-teach myself these thoughts/beliefs that i have engrained inside, and frankly, become addicted to.

but i know that as i keep letting go & moving forward, i will develop momentum.

i feel ready to move onto step 2.

step 2: be genuine

i have become very aware recently, that one of my biggest weaknesses is
finding fault in others, especially when i feel insecure in a situation.

even though i know that gossip & judgmental thoughts are destructive to my spirit, i find myself giving into these behaviors more & more & i don't like it about myself.

i'm not ashamed to admit that i'm not perfect & i sometimes give into temptation,
but i am ashamed to admit that sometimes i don't even try to withstand.

and you know what? it's really hard for me to feel proud of myself & what i stand for, when i'm contradicting what i claim to be, with my actions.

i am quite good at loving people fully, unless they threaten my position in some way.
and that is the ugly truth.

so, step two is be genuine.
be the same angie front and back, left and right.
be the same angie to everyone around me.
handle problems maturely.
honor my core belief that we are all on the same level....all children of god...nothing more, nothing less.
make this awesome advice, my guide & goal:
starting right this moment.

i expect this change in my life to be a very refreshing, freeing experience.
i can't think of anything happier, than feeling genuine & sincere love for everyone.


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

you're awesome! an inspiring sister for me to learn SO much from! your motivation/determination makes me smile and puts a jump start on my heart!

Heidi said...

You're a wise woman! I bought The Happiness Project because of your last post on this subject and look forward to reading it. I just read Bonds That Make Us Free and realized I have some junk to unload, too. Good luck with your quest. :)

granny said...

You rock.

The Wizzle said...

Totally, DAILY repentance/re-motivation. It's not failure to have to remind ourselves and keep working on it every day. That's just how we effect big, big, hard changes. <3

I have that book on my Amazon wish list now, thanks to you, and it looks like I've got one more to add from Heidi too!

Sassy said...

I LOVE YOU...........you ALWAYS write or do what I wish for myself.........and I LOVE THAT PAGE.........too too cute!!!! You are a great role model for so many........

Leslie said...

I checked The Happiness Project out of the library, and so far it is amazing! THanks for introducing it to me. I love that you're on your way to a happier you. I hope to be on that path really soon myself.