a list


1. make an apron for work
2. french braid chloe's hair for school one day

3. try 10 new recipes
4. make curtains for the kitchen
5. read leadership & self deception
6. take my neighbors a treat
7. implement a daily skin regimen
8. visit disneyland with my family
9. learn 5 favorite hymns
10. clean out the craftroom
11. bake bread for the fam
12. do a family service project
13. keep christmas a simple, stress-free, and happy experience
14. start documenting our photos/history in a simple fashion
15. write a lovenote to someone
16. give the playroom a makeover
17. plant a small garden
18. visit the zoo with the girls
19. take a family picture
20. re-read the book of mormon
21. plan an anniversary weekend away with myron
22. create an exercise program that i enjoy
23. be halfway to my goal weight by may 17th, 2012
24. volunteer at chloe's school at least 5 times
25. clear out the garage
26. hold a simple & sweet fhe every week
27. finish my soul restoration book
28. host at least 1 party at our home


The Candlands said...

Hilarious...On Sept 1st I have a post going up about this and on Oct 1st my list goes up. We are so much alike it's kinda ridiculous!!!

Britney Jean said...

you inspire me ang!

runningfan said...

Lots of awesome things on that list! You go girl!

The Wizzle said...

That is utterly fabulous. And my list would look a lot the same! I hope you get to check off every box. <3

Lori said...

Wow what a list! Ummm, what is a "blurp book"? And when you tackle #14, share your secret with me. I'm thinking about making a list now, but ugh, my would be 52 things before I turn 53 . . . way too long of a list. Ha!

granny said...


neeners said...

Love it!!. . . and you know where there is a cheap Bad and Breakfast near Disneyland where you can stay!!(Even free babysitting if needed) Can't wait to see you!!

Marie said...

Let me know if you want help with 2 or 11. Seriously- I think I made the softball team only to french braid everyone's hair.
And if you have a bosch or kitchen aid- I have the bread recipe for you!