the baby

liv is loving her only-child lifestyle during the day whilst chloe is busy learning at school. :)

she's a good little putterer when she has free reign of all the favorite toys in the household.

but she's always happy to see "coe-ee" when she gets home, too.

school is going to be a good thing for all three of us, i think.
makes our reunion @ 2:30pm so sweet....
love it.


The Wizzle said...

Live it up, Livvy! School is a very good thing, in my opinion. (A little) absence makes the hearts grow fonder.

granny said...

I'm a huge fan of school.

Macey said...

Cute :) And 2:30! My little girl's bus drops her off at 3:40, but has been late so 3:50! I'm like, wow, that's dinner. She doesn't leave until 8:10.

Lori said...

Sweet times . . . enjoy them!

onehm said...

That photo is SO AWESOME!! <3
And I bet she loves having YOU all to herself too! :)