growed up

liv's been somewhat of a late talker, {just like her older sis was}...
but she's really starting to say stuff now! and make sense-ish!

and can i please tell you how adorable it is?
{beyond precious}

only trouble is,
day by day,
she becomes less of a baby & more of a little girl.

wish i knew how to slow down these days with my little toddler
sportin' nothin' but a crown & a diaper....it all goes too fast. ♥


The Wizzle said...

Oh, I loooooooove when they (finally, for you and me!) start talking...

...but it sure is a slippery slope from there to big long girl legs and kindergarten and no more chubby cheeks. :(

Bev said...

Love her naked little self!!

granny said...

Oh Liv, how did this happen so fast?