a happy solution

this might make me kind of uncivilized.
and kind of not-normal. {as if i've ever been normal?}

but last week, i moved my girls' entire closet into the laundry room/craft room.
{hanging items included}

we have a small one-level house, so:
+ it's easy access for the kids to get their jammies/outfits/shoes
+ there is more room for toys in their closets [less clutter!]
+ i have so much less random laundry strewn about my abode....because they just put their dirty clothes in the basket for me to throw in the wash.

+not to mention, as i do laundry, i can just fold & put away on the spot.

we call it the {changing room}...

and i don't care if it's weird or seems lazy, because it works beautifully.

yay for happy solutions!


anniebobannie said...

Hi TWIN!!! I have WANTED to do this for SOOOOO LONG!!!! The Duggars do this and I think it is GENIOUS!!!! I am all for easy, simple and if that makes me LAZY SO BE IT! I call it innovative and I am adopting it NOW! LOVE THIS AND YOU!

Heidi said...

What a fantastic idea. I love it! That would solve lots of problems at my house. I'm glad you have the perfect place for such a lovely system!

The Wizzle said...

If my laundry room was big enough, I would totally do this too! The Duggars do it this way (what, doesn't everyone know that???) so I figure it *must* be very efficient!

onehm said...

I have a friend who turned the room right next to her laundry room into the family closet. All 6 kids clothes went into it. Genius if you ask me!!

granny said...


Chris Coryell said...

This is BRILLIANT!! I have wanted to do something like this since we moved into a new house and our girls' rooms are downstairs & our laundry room upstairs. I have felt so disorganized!

Love your blog. I am Jenny Meyerson's sister, we met at the scrapbook store a couple of weeks ago.

I need to figure out the logistics of doing this. Fun post!

Cadi said...

I did this a year ago and loved it. Made perfect sense! The kids were always grabbing their clothes out of the dryer or a basket "to be folded" pile and dressing in their anyways. Why not make it convenient-er?