cousin & niece {once removed?}

this argyle yarn-wreath my cousin katie made me pretty much
causes [death by happiness] every time i behold it's cuteness on my wall.

and it gets better: the colored felt blocks are interchangeable for the seasons!
i know! right? total genius.
love, love, loveitsomuch.

i also love my cousin katie. a lot.
and i'm expecting a little text from her any day now, saying that her firstborn has arrived!

i smile just thinking about it.
can't wait to wish the little girlfriend a happy birthday/welcome-to-earth-shoutout.
and tell her that she scored bigtime with kate bein' her mama.


granny said...

I called Katie today! We must have both been thinking about her!

joeyship said...

I couldn't agree more, Angie. And I know that the feeling is mutual. :)

Kate said...

Aww. You're all so sweet! I can't wait to have my own little baby burrito and hope she'll be as cute as you and your babes Ang!

onehm said...

This is AMAZING!!!!!! I'm going to have to copy one of these days. :)