happy harvest

chloe had an emotional day.

first, our dog fake ran away.
i say "fake ran away" because he does this thing where he legit hides
& we freak out
& say a million prayers that "he won't get runned over by cars,
and that he'll love us so much & sniff his way home to us...."

and, then myron walks in the door, and the dumb dog
comes running outta no where.
mr. miyagi's been inside the house the whole time.

too much trama for a 5 year old.
chloe was sad.
and cried a lot over the incident.

until dad told her he had a surprise!
our first yellow squash of the summer!
and she also discovered a few more cukes that are just about ready to pick!

*farmer myron to the rescue.


mademoisellechitchat said...

Ang, did rock her to sleep tonight? If you did, I would totally understand. She had one of those days.

The Wizzle said...

Totally, super super jealous of your veggies. Mine all died a horrible death. No farmer lives here, apparently.

But that Mr. Miyagi behavior is, I'm sorry to say, very funny! Sorry it freaked out Chloe though. That would be hard on my little softies too.

Bev said...

Life at your house is so interesting....just sayin'!
Glad dog and daughter are both doing well!

joeyship said...

The little stinker! You should put a "clapper" on him. If you clap, it beeps! :)

granny said...

Oh Chloe. Sorry you were so upset. But that squash looks amazing. Way to garden!