pearl of wisdom

um, heyyy,
i'm still {technically} avoiding the internet at all costs.

but, per usual, i make my own rules...
& this mama is taking a {little break from my break}
to share the tender-est thing my 5 year old told me today.

[mostly because i don't want to forget it. ever.]

we were chillin' on the couch having an ordinary, normal moment
& chloe, randomly, out of nowhere, gave me the sweetest tight squeeze & said,

"mom, if you ever lose something,
don't worry. just look in your heart.
it was there all along."

for all i know, she probably heard that off a carebears episode {whilst i was being mother of the year & letting the television babysit her.}

but i will tell you, that her comment was incredibly timely, and much needed.

in the moments when i feel {a bit} like all is lost,

i'll remember that all i need, i have already.

my babies are my best teachers. ♥


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

Oh my! what an absolute sweetheart! Lol you crack me up, but seriously, what she said was such a darling comment, i'll take it to heart as well.

Jamie said...

She is such a sweetie - love her and moments like those!

The Wizzle said...

That is so unbearably precious.

(Eve says little solemn things once in awhile and I know for sure she must have gotten it from a movie or something, but I'm such an attentive parent that I couldn't begin to even know which one.)

The Candlands said...

Ok...ADORABLE! You are definitely doing something right!!!

granny said...

I love that. So wise!

becky+cade said...


KP said...

that is so precious. wow kids are so smart! so so cute!!! :) you're blessed to have such cute girls.

Bev said...

........and thanks to you for sharing your pearls of wisdom and teaching us!! Missed Liv on Sunday!!

Cadi said...

Wow. Makes my heart swell.