sunday favorites

sunday shoes

i’d like to publicly thank my 10 dollar ross clearance footwear today: for making me feel somewhat like a girl despite my unfortunate barely-second-trimester frumpiness. they are very squeaky/sound like they need a healthy dose of some wd-40, but today these pointy flats tried to make me happy & i greatly appreciated them for it.

sunday entertainment

this morn was our primary program. the kiddos rocked it & sang their adorable little hearts out. note to self: sunbeams and microphones are ALWAYS an excellent idea. [does my heart good.] all of it just made me weep a small handful of grateful tears that i get to chill with those spiritual giants every week for a full 2 hours!

sunday naps

oh sweet bed, and dear child who still takes blessed 3 hour naps! i thought i’d have severe issues with 8 o’clock church because i’m very anti-alarm-clock…but crack-of-dawn churchy really is heaven in disguise! just get up, learn, {barf 3 times if it’s september 14th} sing, worship, and then sleep all stinkin’ afternoon. bliss.

sunday dinner

oftentimes sunday din-din is the only time my patient fam gets a real homecooked/eatible meal. [bless their hearts.] and since deb & clodhopper are the best cooks around…our tummies are n’er disappointed. i’m already dreaming about what we are having tonight. what’s going to happen if/when we maybe/someday move away?

sunday left-overs

this is referring to the applebees fettuccini alfredo that was re-heated for lunch today, ala mark dixon’s wallet last night. a special thanks to my cute parents who keep me entertained & well-fed on the weekends i am a single mom. i love you.

sunday fam

sunday equals chillin’ with our fabulous kinfolk. celebrating birthdays. [devy’s tonight!] visiting everyone’s houses. playing in the dixon playroom. dancing with grandma dunn. raiding grandpa’s candy dish! and being grateful we have so many fun peeps close by!

sunday milestones

every sunday that myron is away, there is always a celebratory phone conversation that marks his half-way point to coming home to us! this is a very exciting call and often involves a loud scream or happy yell of some sort! it’s always a good feeling to be on the down-hill slope of the trip.

sunday simplicity

anyday that work is optional is a great day for me! i love having a full 24 to collect my thoughts, ignore my papercutter sans guilt, thank the Lord, renew my baptismal covenants, find some sanity, learn about Jesus, for-sure shave my legs, perhaps paint my toenails, sing hymns, count my blessings, watch sports with myron {woops!} and make some time to just be still.

i love the sabbath!

{hope you had a happy one!}


heather said...

eight o' clock is definitely the best when it comes to church, because nothing beats a Sunday nap!

And I ♥ it when people cook for me. :)

runningfan said...

you always find a way to make simple, everyday things cute & fun!

granny said...

Sundays are such a "different kind of busy"...it is so good for us to fill the vessels. Thanks for the reminder.

Alisse Baldwin said...

Love it!

Kate said...

My Sabbath was a happy one, and is even happier now that I read your post. I lovey love love you and all of your goodness, pointy shoes, and general positivity. Boo to feeling frumpy, and yay to feeling the spirit! If/when you someday/maybe move away, come my direction and we can have cooking adventures together on Sundays! Love you a million billion.

The Roberts Family said...

like always cute post!

katie said...

1. totally love your shoes.

2. i *really* hope paisley takes 3 hour naps when she's chloe's age! [she take 5 hours worth of naps now, so it's hopeful. right?]

3. sunday dinner is the only time my family gets a home cooked meal too. so i know how you feel.

4. i can't even imagine how hard it must be for you to have myron gone so much. you're so amazing. and strong to have him gone that much while you're pregnant. <3


Chelsea said...

Funny that as I was reading your post on Google Reader, you were commenting on mine! Sorry if this is the longest comment.
Thanks a zillion billion for all the prayers. It's been a super sureal weekend. But glad we are safe, ya know! I really just hope Cody doesn't chop a leg off now. Good news is Arizona is our new home for a few more weeks! Can't beat family time. I absolutely agreed with, and loved all your loves for Sunday. I was REALLY sad when I had to give up our Sunday meals when we moved to Houston. I have been happily saying YES to all free meals since we have been here. Single mothering is tough stuff! I am so glad Myron is at his half way mark for this week. Hope your pukin dies down soon!
And lastly...I met Michelle last weekend at The Paper Vineyard. She is way too cute and awesome. I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!! You absolutley rock and I felt a little famous that I know you. All us girls have been reading it this past week. Cute Cute Cute!!!

KP said...

angie..you should know your posts make me smile so much! i love reading them and they make me happy. thanks for posting! :)

Unknown said...

Did you know................
you are so darn cute???????????
And i bet little Chloe is alot like her mother huh? She should be. LOL
take care of you and hopefully that (baby boy) in the waiting!
And of coarse darling Chloe.

Anonymous said...

i love the Sabbath day, too :) I had a great one ♥


on my blog you left a comment asking what part of TN we live in because your sweet hubby served a mission here....we would be in the TENNESSEE NASHVILLE mission :)

Is that where he served? If so, I wonder if he ever served in my ward!~?!?!

Jewel Allen said...

I love pink, too! And I love the Sabbath. The only day when I don't feel I have to run around. And hooray who cares if laundry is a huge pile.

But as for Monday...

Kaelene said...

Sunday is always my favorite "relax without guilt" day!
Ditto to all your Sabbath joys!

Kaelene said...
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Laura Blue said...

i'm glad your shoes served you well. they are dang cute! so do you know what you're going to have yet... boy or girl? chloe is oh so cute and getting so big. does she understand that she's going to have a baby soon?

Coree Adams said...

I am so glad that your Sabbath day rocked. LOVE YOU GUYS!