my thoughtful mother-in-law gifted us these cutest pots filled with happy greenery/pink blossoms a few months ago.

we have definitely enjoyed them on our front porch.

and tried with all our might to keep them alive & kickin'.
{we promise.}

the highlight of chloe's day was feedin' them with her hello kitty watering can.

guess the summer heat just got the best of 'em!

sorry deb!
we didn't mean to be killers.

come late october-ish we shall recycle & plant something in their place.

rest in peace dunn foliage.

{and happy thursday.}


mademoisellechitchat said...

Girl, you are a MESS.

I am the first to post; WOO! HOO!

Do I get a prize? ;) LOL

runningfan said...

Can't wait to see the new plants!

Marisa and Rob said...

How sad! :( I'm excited for the new ones!!! :) Hope your doing good!! I'm having a Scentsy Party next month!!! :)

Anonymous said...

aaaw! that is usually how my plants end up looking...:)

i bet you will have some great new plants to take their place :)

Unknown said...

oh that is ok, as heat happens! LOL
go to Marilyns blog and go to older posts and you shall see her plants melting!
take care of you!

Unknown said...

hi by the way, when are you do?
I never did see the date?
Wow, now Jamie, 1st you. That is so great ladies! I wish you both great pregnancies and boys!!!!!!!!!

J-mama said...

That is so me!! I make Luis take care of the garden most of the time, but house plants are def. not my forte!

Kaytie Brown said...

I'm right there with ya girl. My tomato plants are looking just about that sad :(

heather said...

I don't have a green thumb either.

KP said...

poor plants! hope the funeral went well :)
thanks for your advice on my blog about my stress situation. things are getting better, but i really appreciate!

Chell said...

Hee hee...thats terrible! :)

I got a gorgeous bonzai tree for my birthday and I went overseas and left it with people to look after. And they killed it.

I am still to tell the person who gave it to me.


Beth Curtis said...

I love it. I totally killed my mini orange tree in my side yard. Tear...

The Wizzle said...

I am a plant-killer in denial. I have two houseplants on my kitchen table that shoulder really be put out of their misery, but Devlin would be crushed. I can't keep anything alive outdoors for more than a day, literally. The sun here is just not conducive to, well, life!

Brandis said...

I can't keep anything alive that's not on a drip system. I had some beautiful hibiscus in my yard at our old house and I kept them lush & lovely all through the nasty summer heat, and then as soon as September rolled around and it wasn't as blisteringly hot (is that a word??), they croaked. Thank you, Arizona. :) Better luck next time! :)

Tanya Leigh said...

Oh man! Sad, when you've been dilligent, huh? Fall plants are a good re-try :) Enjoy!