green polka dot page kits

my cute friends kelli & amy {the polka dot chicks} are @ something awesome again! they are startin' a little kit biz on their blog,
so i thought i'd pass on the fun to y'all!

here's an example of one of the to-die-for layouts:

GREEN POLKA DOT page kits designed to {REduce, REuse, & REcycle}! kel & ames are using stuff up that they already own, combining it with fun new stuff and creating layouts for easy scrappin! double spread layouts are only $9 and singles are $7. all punching, stamping, die cutting and print work is done for quick assembly!!

go to their blog for more details!

be a {green} scrapper &

{and have a happy monday!}


Anonymous said...

that is sooooo cute!!!!

The Roberts Family said...

ok so i want to just buy yours! so you just start setting one of them aside for me and i will pay you! just call me and we will talk! xoxo love ya

mademoisellechitchat said...

I've already placed my order. I am really excited for them!

What were today's PKP's themes?

Announcements By Ashlee's said...
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Sassy said...

You are so good to pass the word...could anyone ask for a nicer friend than you...always going above and beyond...