elder dix

tuesdays mean emails to the fam from ryan/elder dixon.

i very much look forward to this...and often call my mom at least once to find out if it's come yet.

his letters always make me:
a. miss him h-core.
b. realize, yet again, how deeply thankful i am for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
c. appreciate {even more} the importance of missionary work & what he is doing.

i wanna share a brief excerpt from ryan's email a couple weeks ago. president uchtdorf's message that he paraphrased in his letter has been in the forefront of my brain for days.


"a week ago today, elder uchtdorf came and talked to us.... he gave a CHOICE message. he is prophet, seer and revelator. the things that effected me the most were the words he said about prayer and sacrifice.. ill paraphraze-ish... he said something like this (or maybe this is just more of what i heard), 'before you go to bed @ night, give a report to the Lord of what service you gave that day. put the sacrifices of the day on the alter, and ask the Lord to accept your sacrifice. ask for forgiveness for what shortcomings you had. i promise that you will feel the love of the Lord as you sincerely seek forgiveness and repent with real intent. then, after you have offered your sacrifices before the Lord and asked him to be accepting of them and felt the love of the Lord, forget about those short comings. forget them. let your sleep be restful and rejuvinating. then wake up, and do your best the next day.' "


as i have {tried} to put this advice into action, my angie-soul has had more peace & my days have felt more fulfilled & happy. i am so grateful for the atonement of jesus christ in my life which allows us all to try a little harder & be a little better, every single day.

thank you little bro: not only for the service you are preparing to render to fun croatian peeps...
but also for the service you render to me every tuesday via gmail.com.

{happy middle o' the week!}


mademoisellechitchat said...

Beautiful. That was a powerful message.

granny said...

He is awesome..and has an awesome Angie sis. Thanks for saying what I keep thinking.

Holly said...

Aww Ryan, I miss him ;(

The Roberts Family said...

Angie you are so sweet! You said it all.. he is one special boy! we all love him and miss him but are very proud of him!

Lisa said...

so cool! and what a great message. a boy in our ward gave his farewell speech sunday and it made me all teary remembering when my son left. so nice to have a missionary in your family!!!

Kristen said...

So I'm reading this at the crack of dawn, feeding Leo one handed and I read that last part as "Croatian creeps." And I'm thinking, "I know you miss him, but do you have to call the people of Croatia creeps? I mean, it's not their fault he's going there." Then I saw that it said "peeps." Oops! :)

Anonymous said...



heather said...

I love that!
I'll have to do this too. My heather soul could use a greater sense of peace.

Thanks Angie!

Kaelene said...

Angie, thanks for sharing that powerful message!
I know that I could use all the help I can get, to a)have some kaelene-soul peace and b)get better sleep!

Unknown said...

I love this! I copied it for my Britt to use as her Seminary devotional today. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sassy said...

boy oh boy...I needed to read that today...I ♥ our missionaries and all that they teach us from their service...I am mighty thankful when Wednesday's rool around here..My prayer tonight will be somewhat different thanks to Elder Dixon and his cute sis Ang and thanks for sharing and helping us be a better person ♥ you

Unknown said...

ryan is amazing. as are you. and elder uchdorf {sp?}. thanks for the inspiring words!

KP said...

that really was great to hear for me right now...thanks angie! :)

Unknown said...

Wow, that is great news!
take care