relaxing is not my forte

today i realized i'm kinda like the creepy man in the julia roberts film, "sleeping with the enemy."
because THIS really really bugs me:

and then i made a list in my head of all the things i'm just as freakishly obsessed about.

here's just a sampling of things i thought of
aka, reasons why i'm slightly neurotic:

1. unless i am listening to very loud distracting music, i count my steps while running on the treadmill

2. it is physically impossible for me to put chloe's toys away
w/out assembling every stacking toy, puzzle of any kind, or anything w/ parts, FIRST. {a trait i learned from my mother}

3. i absolutely, unequivocally
can not start a diet, goal, or new life plan of any kind, unless it is a monday, the first day of the month, or new years day, or like an even number of days until something {like, my birthday}

4. i dust the top of the dryer &
clean the inside parts of my washer with every third load {danny tanner anyone?}

5. when commenting on blogs, i have to
start @ the top of my list & open each blog, even if i know i've already commented, or i know there isn't an updated post

6. i have
severe anxiety about losing pieces to chloe's cute quiet book @ church

7. every night before going to bed, i check the iron, straight iron, locks, and oven, and stove-otherwise, i
lay awake thinking about it.

8. i can not get out of bed or stop doing something if i know it's not an even time.
for example: if i wake up, and it's 6:54, I will either lay in bed for one minute. or six minutes. usually six. {or thirty-six.}

9. i check my alarm clock
{if i have to set it} 10 times, right in a row to make sure i set it right.

10. when making a deposit @ the bank, i will only deposit enough for me to have a very, even,
clean number in my account. even if it means I get 99 cents back.

and i wonder why i'm so high strung?!

happy thursday.


granny said...

Hahahaha. All I can say is WE ARE RELATED!

The Kewpie Klan said...

i think we are soul mates. :)

cori said...

WHERe have you been? neurotic blogger opener? you haven't been around. i was beginner to wonder.

this was hilarious. just seeing your towels outta line, made me shiva.... you are just so funny. you just wait. until baby numba 2, 3, 4, 5, {should i keep going?} comes. you will TOTAlly ease up. it's a promise. then you go through this phase like. no more quiet books, puzzles, and anything that has lots of parts. because when 2 are around, it's no use. INSANE in the MEMBRANE silly. like you won't even care. that's where i am. i totally care, but i don't. the other day, carter came in crying because his sword broke... i totally threw a party because that means, it gets thrown in the garbage, i was laughing. he was crying, and i felt like evil woman, but i was so glad to have one less toy...see. that's what i mean. insane.

ok so i love me a good prison break episode, but i am a little upset. i mean. they should've just named that show macyver, because seriously that is what michael is. how MANY tricks does he have up his sleeve? i wasn't all that jazzed about it. i will keep watching though.

later skater.

kacee said...

All I can say is that some of those things mean that you have to be extremely organized and this is not my forte so much! (wish it was) I think I might try the only waking up on even numbers though - that could by me some more precious sleep!

you are adorable and entertaining, as always!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Angie: I know that you have Jesus in your life. Therefore, call on HIM to DELIVER you of this craziness. ;)

:hugs: - - your A+ type personality scrapbooking student

MeL said...

Yeah, maybe I don't agree that you'll ease up with more kids, because I think that once you're a crazyface, you're always a crazyface. Not in a bad way, especially since being neurotic is my forte, but I can totally see myself being just as nutty or even more so when I have a hundred kids than right now, where I have zero kids. And have you met Jake? He's way crazier than you.

AKA, you're in good company. Don't shy away from this trait. :)

Holl Doll said...

I'm pretty sure that i can relate to at least 90% of those. especially the counting steps. LOL.

MeL said...

Oh yeah, and I have used sewing pins to hold my towels in the perfect place so that they are exactly even and stay that way. Needless to say, those are SOLELY decorative towels, and if you can't find the towel for drying your hands, you walk into the kitchen to use a paper towel. ANd I really enjoyed the Danny Tanner mention.

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Okay, here's mine. Whenever I am listening to music in the car and I have my turn signal on, I see if the beat of the music matches the beat of my turn signal. And I have found a song that matches the beat of my turn signal in every car that I have owned. And I have found it for other people in their cars.

Mark Dixon said...

Do you ever feel Monkish?

Unknown said...
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amy mo said...

Wow, that alarm clock thing is SO me. I'm always paranoid about that. I have to do weird things too, like pull on the car door handle after I locked it just to make sure it's locked even though I know it is. & if I can't remember pulling on it, I worry about it all day & wonder if it's locked. I think the world is being taken over by ocd, cuz I'm finding pretty much everyone has it in their own way.

Em said...

You crack me up Ang! I can relate to a few of those things so I don't think you are too crazy. Maybe a little high strung. J/k

Coree Adams said...

All I have to say is...Sleeping with the enemy still scares me...if I ever saw that man in real life, I'd probably jump in the ocean and fake my death too. Love you and all your neurotic attributes!

granny said...

Forgot to come and ask you if you will come clean the inside of my washer.

Kelli said...

Yep, you're crazy. And I love it.

The Wizzle said...

Wow, this is cool! I have quirks too, but yours are all totally different so I find them endearing and charming and, well, quirky!

It does sound exhausting, but it makes for a tidy house. Ask me how I know! :)

Kaytie Brown said...

K. That is SUCH a creepy movie!! Please don't compare yourself to that creepy, mean man. Along with most of your blogger friends, I too border OCD in many aspects. (checking literally 20 times to make sure I have my keys, before locking the car door). I'm trying to be a little more chill lately though cuz a friend of mine was telling me about her sister who really did become OCD (When she showered she would notice the shower looked dirty... so she had to clean it... then she was dirty after cleaning it, so she took another shower... then the shower looked dirty again... etc, etc, times an insane amount of showers were taken by one girl in one day). Anyway that's my story. It helps me try not turn too crazy, but I'm glad you're semi crazy w/ me. LOVE YOU!!

maccam said...

After reading your entry I about died laughing! I had to show Mac and say, "See hun...I'm not the only one!" Love it!

Stoddard Studios said...

I can totally relate to some of your neurotic-ness and it made me relize I'm pretty neurotic myself. As I was reading yours I kept thinking about things I obsess about. My favorite one that we have in common is the whole counting your steps while you're running on the treadmill. I hate that. I can't stop myself though. Sometimes I even find myself counting my steps as I'm just walking around a store or something. Weird! Why do I do that?

The Fletchies said...

How do you clean the inside parts of your washer? Isn't it like a self cleaning entity because it gets washed with the clothes? I need an explanation.
anyway, all I can say is I'm sorry. You're life makes me tired. I'll be sure to make devin read this so he thinks I'm more normal. Then when I do equivalent things he'll just realize that I'm like every other girl that goes insane when the silverware in the dishwasher isn't separated by big forks and small forks etc.

ForeverSarahLee said...

Well I am not about to leave you all my random quirks and anal tendencies... but believe me, I have mine too. Lol! I especially like how we share the whole waking up at an "even" time. 7:00, and if I happen to miss that one and open my eyes at 7:07, I am either sleeping in until 7:10 or 7:30 Hilarious!

I'm glad to hear you and the cutest girl are doing well. Well, soon to be second cutest girl ;0)

Julie Jan said...

It is ok to be a little OCD. I am obsessed with my car. I know every ding and scratch on it. The first thing I do when I come out of the store, is look to see if there are any new ones. And I look at the cars next to me to see if there is any of their paint color on my car. I have cried over a tiny little scratch that I found on it. Matt just laughs at me.