manic monday

to do today:

design simplicity pages

make bazzill order

type simplicity directions

sketch double spread page suggestions

print pictures for layouts

pick up bazzill order

pull product at the store

make color copies

make copies of directions

die cut my life away

cut ribbon while watching prison break
{check, minus watching prison break. i have michael & linc recorded for later}

print titles

get everything ready for tammy to assemble kits

say hi to myron

maybe make cheese chicken for him
{apparently he's not hungry 'cause he had a cheese crisp...}

play with bow, bathe her, feed her, read to her, be a mom, etc. {check}

be in bed by midnight, no later
{i was done @ 1:32, but of course, i waited until 1:45 to go to bed. even steven.}


happy monday.


Peg and Parker said...

Wow Angie! That's alot. I want in the Simplicity class.. just one thing, I would have to simplify to get there. You rock though. Never quit being cute you! Maybe Myron would like to have me send over some of that delicious "Vanilla Chicken" from the Moffat historical archives. Wink! Heart, Peg

kacee said...

Aren't mondays crazy! Good luck with all your class stuff, I can somewhat simpathize(sp?)from being involved with my moms classes, not a pretty sight! What is cheese chicken? Sounds good!

Coree Adams said...

Do you have time to breathe today?? You are amazing...because if I had a list like that to do today, it wouldn't get done...but you my friend, WILL. Again, you are one of my real life heroes. Love you and miss you!!!

chris+amber said...

You have the most productive life known to man. You rock! I really should start taking your simplicity class so I can give my poor poor Halleigh & Tate a scrapbook. They're going to end up thinking Addi is my golden child. JK...I'll be thinking of you cutting ribbon while I watch Prison Break! LOOOOOOOOOVE that show! BTW...did you hear what Halleigh said about Chloe yesterday in sacrament? She looked at her puzzled, then said, "OH! I have seen her on the computer!" LOL...

The Kewpie Klan said...

yay simplicity! Look forward to seeing you and your cute pages! oh, and that pic of chloe is one of my most favs...

runningfan said...

Good luck, girlfriend!!!

Em said...

See this is why I hate Mondays! Why can't we just skip that day? Oh, ya because then I'd have to hate crazy Tuesday! Good luck with the class! See you at the store! You are such a good mom to play with Clo at least you take time to do that. When I have days like that I'm lucky I have time to feed them. Oh that reminds me better go feed Carter.

cori said...

just another manic monday...whoooaahh oooohhhhh.. i don't have to run day...thats my fun day. whoooaahhh...and i don't know the rest of the words... isn't that like the bangles? oh my. totally takes me back.

love your babe. all side like that. so my day. i think i caught your soar throat!

prison break it is. we are having a partay at my moms tonite. with lots of yes...pop secret homestyle and diet coke. pass the licorice too.just one. don't like it much.

anyway. so you are teaching a whole bunch. doesn't surprise me one bit. can you put one your lil kits in the mail to me pronto? i'll be your best friend?

runningfan said...

So I just noticed...you and Chloe have the same mouth. Turn today's photo 90 degrees and look to the right (at your pic)...same/same!

Stoddard Studios said...

Wow, sounds like a crazy day! Glad it's you and not me. I got to play and go shopping today. It was great. I found an amazing deal. One that not even you could resist! Check out the post I just posted. P.S. thanks for the e-mail.

The*Evans*Family said...

And I thought I was busy!? Okay, I've got bad news. I won't be able to attend class this week. I went to the scrapfest this week (got way cute pages done) and reached my limit for scrapbook spending for the month. I am super beyond bummed! Do you hate me? YOu'll see my smiling face next month FOR SURE!

P.S. I just started a new business (I know that's funny) and am having a "launch party" next week -I'd love if you came. More details to come!!

The Fletchies said...

Repeat earlier comment. Just reading about your life makes me tired. Poor you. I have a hook up for adderall. Want some? J/K the last thing you need is drugs that help you speed up/never sleep. You're too good at that already.

The Wizzle said...

Good luck! Seriously, there's nothing "simple" about Simplicity from your perspective, is there???

auburn and chris said...

Are you a Prison Break addict, too?! We LOVE that show... and I have a not-so-secret CRUSH on Michael Scofeild!!!!! Hope you checked everything off! Thats the BEST part about making a list!!!!

MeL said...

My list of things to do today was like three bullets long, and maybe showering was on there just so I'd have something to check off. I've decided that I want to be your personal assistant/understudy/apprintice so that I can help you with your stressful life and then try and make mine cute in the meantime. Deal?

Unknown said...

still need to check out prison break. i hear it is awesome. can't wait to see your pages this month!!!

Chelsea said...

I am ADDICTED to PB! I am one of the many who have the not-so-secret- crush on Michael! :) I hope you got to watch it and check one more thing off of your insane list. I gave up on lists. Too many things don't get done! If I have a mental list than only I know things didn't get done! I remember reading about your chore chart you made yourself awhile back. What days do you do certain things? I am trying to get a routine and I thouhgt it was you who had it down. Take a picture and post it for me! :)

heather said...

i was just sneaking a peek at your blog, i've known your hubby basically my entire life (because our parents are friends) and i was curious. i have to say, you are very entertaining, and i loved reading about your ocd tendencies. i have to admit, i do about 50% of the things on the list myself, and i blame it all on my mother. :) i hope you don't mind my intrusion.

runningfan said...

You did it! I'm totally impressed with all the checks! YGG.

Jenn said...

I had no clue you watch Prison Break- it's the only show I watch!! I love, love, LOVE it!!!

Macey said...

I love it! Hope you have gotten more sleep despite Premiere week.