i have a feva & the only prescription is...more cowbell.


i'm ninety-eight-point-three percent positive that i have the flu. and i'm kinda annoyed

could have guessed it was coming after my 7 days of no sleep/living off pepsi diet.

this is what my vantage point will be for the remainder of the day, until i get bored.
or until teletubbies comes on.
{which ever comes first}

so, i'll just be chillin' here w/ my girl & the ayginator...
oh! and our visitor sassy.

{my in-laws dog/k9-daughter, is bunking w/ us for a few days.}

and i'm learning that i really could become a dog person if my pet was this well behaved & this non-psycho-hyper.

just an observation, that's all.

{happy-ish wednesday}


cori said...

so sorry you are under the weather. was it the chicken?

take some eccinacea and vit.c. it works. like a charm.

take advantage of the day and watch you some prison break. it starts monday! did sucre really die? i don't know. i really like him. and tbag really is going to h***. he is a baaaad boy, and i don't like him.

MeL said...

I think that eccinacea is a crock, sorry McCoys. Sorry that I pretend to be a pharmacist vicariously through my husband. But still, it doesn't work. Don't waste your time. Sleep lots, I'm pretty sure that's the only remedy for the flu. And I'm sorry that you're feeling not awesome, that seriously sucks.

Em said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.
I know how that feels.

Alisse Baldwin said...

Poor Angie! I hope you get back to yourself soon!

Unknown said...

sorry you're sick!!!

Staci said...

Yuck! Being sick is no fun at all! Enjoy your day of doing nothing, but playing with Chloe & hope you get better soon! Have Myron make you some chicken noodle soup when he gets home & wait on your every need!

Holl Doll said...

I'm really sorry about your feve. i'm double sorry that you have to take care of yet another dog. you've got a double whammy!

Stoddard Studios said...

Sorry you don't feel good! Being sick is no fun. Especially when you can't sleep when you want to {can't really do that with kids}. Feel better!

angiedunn said...

thanks dudes. i'll feel betta soon, no doubt. and my fever broke, so alls good in the hood.

holly, i actually think you'd really like sassy. she's a really good dog. and is well groomed, unlike mr. miyagi. i told debra that i'd trade them straight up.

Peg and Parker said...

Angie. Nobody as cute as you should ever be sick. Watch Princess Bride and eat chicken soup....a sure fire remedy at the Moffat casa! Plus - the dog. It's the one Madison has been wanting for like, ev er.
Bring her over, say tonight! Heart, Peg

Kaytie Brown said...

Oh no Ang! That's the worst. Hey is their dog really named Sassy? THat's awesome cause it reminds me of "Homeward Bound" and "Oh Peter... I missed you SO", and me crying over Shadow, Chance, and Sassy. Anyway I LOVE you and I am SOOOO sorry you feel like crap.

Alisse Baldwin said...

I just re-read this and somehow skipped over the cowbell part the first time. Hilarity I tell ya, hilarity.

ForeverSarahLee said...

I wanna puppy!

Andc p.s. Congrats on the book appearance. Michelle is a cutie. I'm excited for her.