all growed up

there are a few things that are definitely GROWING around our neck of the woods.

the first being: our happy orange-ish yellow zinnias

on saturday i was feeling slightly {depressed} because the zinnia seeds that i planted nearly four weeks ago, had failed to bloom. perhaps i didn't have enough faith. perhaps they needed to be watered by someone that remembered such things on like, a regular-ish basis. {hmm...that's a novel thought} who knows. but saturday evening, all i knew was that my cute yellow pots were feeling rather lonely {with just dirt in them}, and something needed to be done about it!! so i drove over to wally-world, and purchased me some pre-grown babies. {fyi...my adorable momma/the bow's granny/green thumb expert refers to her plants as "her babies"} anyhoo! so, they are {growing} and look rather stinkin' adorable on our front porch. and i am happy. and my goal for this year is to keep them alive for at least three weeks. {a dunn record, it will be} wish me luck.

the second thing that is growing like c-r-a-z-y is: chloe mae

when did this doll-of-a-child get so grown up? it seems like yesterday that she was just a tiny waa-waa drinkin' her miniature two-ounce bottles while being wrapped like a burrito in fetal position! and now she's a twenty-three pound bundle o' chatterbox, walking around with a sippy cup! ...and bringing myron & i the same insane-amount of PURE joy as she did back in the day!

and third/last but not least:
my mullet

{please excuse the disgusting photograph. i just wanted you to get a true visual of how *out of control* the situation really is}

good thing there's {only} approximately 59 hours, 35 minutes, & 23 seconds until my next & highly anticipated haircut/color!

{happy wednesday kids}


Mark Dixon said...

Love the photos of Chloe and the flowers. She was positively adorably entertaining last night!

Kate said...

As per usual, your post mad me laugh right out loud cuz. Love ya!

Kate said...

ahem. made. that's what i meant.

MeL said...

I know the feeling of having a mom with a jolly green giant of a thumb, and yours could not be less green. Do I need to once again mention that my neighbor waters my plant for me? Happy Wednesday back.

granny said...

Ah, what could be happier than a picture of Chloe by your zinnias? I share your joy in haircuts, btw.

Staci said...

Your flowers look great! Best of luck on your goal of keeping them alive for 3 wks! I know you can do it! Chloe is adorable...gets cuter and cuter in every picture, if that is even possible!

Staci said...

oh...i forgot to mention how much i love your mullet!!!!!:)

runningfan said...

Chloe gets cuter by the day. Here's hoping my zinnias (and my next kid) end up looking as cute as yours.

Suzy Cummard said...

How cute is she!! That did brighten my new day! LOL
I love Old Navy swim wear! Inexpensive & freakin adorable. So cute Angie.
Oh, & cute flowers.