on the brain

here’s a small collection of all the random things i have been pondering in my angie-mind on this {all too lovely} summer/suppose-to-be-spring day.

thought #1: trashday forgetfullness

why is it so hard for us silly little dunns to remember that THURSDAY is trash day? I suppose it is due to the fact that myron, chloe, mr. miyagi, and i are all mega-accustomed to mesa-ish friday pick up. but seriously people, when are we gonna learn? it’s been six frappin’ months since we packed our biggity-bags & moved…it’s {beyond} time for us to get in the tuesday recycle/thursday garbage groove. i tell ya, for a day that ends in such amazingness {ie: comedy night done right}, it certainly has a rough start {ie: myron or i busting out of our ultra comfy bed at the crack of the crack, upon hearing the too-loud-for-six-thirty roar of the garbage man heading our way, and in our pajamas hauling the two weeks full (cause we of course forgot to take it out last week) rancid trash can, only to sometimes inevitably discover he’s on the other side of the road, and we missed him.}

(which brings me to my next thought)

thought #2: for the love of nancy

why, oh why, does the garbage man come so ridiculously early? {this is a picture of me being extremely annoyed}

thought #3: summertime rocks!

reasons why I love summer include: cantaloupe is $.59 right now {that’s good right?}, homemade pedicures/cheapy flip flops, random family vacations to cancun-esque like places {18 days & counting}, cute little girls in old navy halter-top swimming suits {refer to april 14th’s post}, and the beautiful arizona sky & sunshine that truly are therapy for my soul.

reasons why i sorta don’t love summer include: dixon sweat genes, boring/already-seen-it reruns, and the fact that it lasts until mid-november.

thought #4: to my sweet lakisha,

it’s okay keekie…you are still an amazing talent with windpipes the size of lake tahoe. and if I could sing like you, well, i would be above the moon. i mean it when i say it; you got it goin’ on girl. but, now honey, it’s time to go home & put a shirt on. thanks sister, ai for life!!

thought #5 laundry misfortune

i consider it an amazing tender mercy from the heavens above that this bleach-stained towel {and one of myron’s old shirts} was the only item ruined in our latest installment o’ angie’s laundry hardship hall of fame. both i & myron {ahem} failed to remove this pen from his shirt upon entering the washing machine. so, it truly is a blessing that this said bleach stained towel {and my’s shirt}, was all that was destroyed considering it was among every pair of his tan work dockers, and a couple of chlo’s brand spankin’ new birthday outfits. someone upstairs surely knew that i could not handle yet another load of expensive blue mess to add to my record. so here’s a shout out to my laundry gaurdian angel who truly knew what was best for me on a wednesday: word.

thought #6: she's walking!

i can quite safely say that the gosh darn cutest thing to happen since the revealing of the salsa red volts wagon bug, took place yesterday. this photo is just a reenactment of what actually happened. you guessed it, these are the feet of our all too content with crawling 13th month old/ now experienced walker. she took ten consecutive steps! way to go girlfrien’!

and finally:

thought #7: money shmuney

as i am recently & slowly discovering that living to work {rather than working to live} is totally overrated, i am becoming a much happier version of myself. this new phenomenon o’ my existence has opened me up to a happy little world of less stress, less feeling inadequate, and more conscious living. which reminds me, here are this month’s simplicity pages. {can you believe it’s class time next week, already?} they took me {beyond} forever slash three naptimes exactly, to finish. the ribbon is subject to change {in case there’s not mountains of it in stock} & i need to find a cute park picture {i have a tdf one of my nephew in mind}. but other than that they’re done. raise the roof, yos.

well folks, that’s my max. i typically only have 3-6 deep thoughts a day. {today you were lucky} until next time, c'est la vie. i have nothin’ but love for ya.


granny said...

OK, you are such fun. These things happen to all of us, but somehow when I explain missing the garbage man, it isn't nearly so entertaining. (speaking of which, I better go take mine out...it is Mesa Friday tomorrow. :) Keep on keeping on, baby. You make my day.

Jenn said...

The trash thing- I forget all the stinkin time! Thanks for reminding me because I forgot last week- Love the pages! so, so, so cute and Chloe walking- wow, times just flys! xoxox

Unknown said...

Adorable pages and adorable Chloe walking! Congrats Chloe! I have a pair of hot pink work out shorts that I threw in a load of all my sister's clothes once. Everything came out with hot pink spots! But I too have a laundry gaurdian angel because we washed them again, minus the pink shorts, and it came out of everything! Lucky me!

The*Evans*Family said...

Oh Angie. You always make me laugh! Love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pages for this month! I only wish I could be as talented as you!

Staci said...

Angie! I saw your name on Becky's blog & had to check it out! It is BY FAR, the cutest blog I've ever seen! I love your posts, every one put a huge smile on my face:) I don't even know how you come up with such FUN things to blog about! I haven't seen you in forever, but your blog proves that you are still the cutest girl ever! And your little girl....DARLING! Tell Myron I said Hi too! Sounds like your fam is doing GREAT!

The Kewpie Klan said...

Dear Miss Pink...my mommy LOVES your pages and cute blog and already has pictures picked out to bring to the class! When do I get to meet the babe?

Love, Kewpie