hair club for chloe...

hey, remember when chloe went bald? that was funny.

april 9th 2006: a few hours old
{she was basically born with a toupee}

may 2006
{i loved sportin' her fuzzy head w/ a bow 24/7}

june 2006
{she even looked perfect w/out a bow}

july 2006
{just add water, and it was curly...no fair!}

august 2006
{this is about the time i noticed some thinning...lol}

september 2006
{i started finding large piles of hair in her crib...for reals!}

october 2006
{still adorable...getting balder}

november 2006
{k, now compare this pic to her birth picture = hilarious!}

christmas 2006
{and the new hair comes in!}

january 2007
{chloe's bob.}

february 2007
{we like high-chair photography apparently.}

march 2007
{when did she get this old?}

april 2007
{and we start with clippies!}

may 2007
{chloe sports a ponytail, folks!}

bowie today.
{we're thinkin' about extensions.}



Holl Doll said...

Chloe is SO cute! i feel proud to be her aunt! I feel lucky to be the first one to post on your blog today.
luv ya!

Michelle said...

I want her. for reals.
can I? hahaha

aaww. come on. she looks just like me BAHWHWHWHWaaaa (okay I'll go to bed because I've clearly lost my ever loving mind!)

granny said...

What a fun trip down memory lane over the last year! I totally didn't think she got that bald...I didn't remember that, but then I didn't clean the hair out of her crib. It sure came back beautiful!

shabbyscrapper said...

she's adorable...and you rock!

Unknown said...

she is the cutest! even w/o most of her hair... :) my sisters and i were bald for the first year or two, so at least she had hair to begin with & it grew back SO fast! she always has adorable hair & adorable bows, clips, or ponytails! i heart chloe!

Coree Adams said...

So get this...it's 4:00 in the frappin morning, and a) I am on the computer...that in and of itself is enough to make me puke {insomnia sucks} and b) Daners is sittin on my lap wide awake. How cool is that? I thought about blogging, but decided that it would probably be the angry elf edition and wouldn't be very fun to read. Chloe is adorable and Dane keeps pointing to her and trying to say her name. So cute...but not this early in the morning. Sweet...well Good Morning!

Kate said...

Hm. I don't recall having ever seen Chloe bald... but, she's cute no matter what. Also, a belated comment... I totally remember a zillion and a half letters about liam. ;) I think you sent me a picture of him once. Funny stuff.

cori said...

"hair club" so funny. she is a little doll! love, cori

The Kewpie Klan said...

Chlo-bow...you are a gem...you were a very cute newborn...the kewps is jealous...:) I love your curls and your big eyes! WE need to meet!

Pree (this is what all kids call me)

amanda p. said...

How did Chloe's hair grow back so quick & thick? My girlie delia never had hair, never lost hair & never grew back hair! Could you maybe let me in on your rogain for babies secret? Honestly I don't even care if it causes crazy hairy eyebrows, hairy baby toes. That can all be trimmed & kept under control. Whatever it takes to get some hair on that kids head! Cloe is adorable & totally looks the same as her newborn phase!

The*Evans*Family said...

I love that you can totally tell she is your child. I think I've heard you say she looks like Myron (I could be making that up) but she's totally YOU! One day I'll have a girl that I can put bows on!

Becky said...

oh my word! That is the funniest EVER! i love the time line of Chloe's locks! so cute! :) i can only imagine the adorable scrapbook pages it already is or would make! So cute!

Unknown said...

i really like the green with pink on the sides! way cute! and it matched the tulips perfectly!

Unknown said...

Your blog looks different every time I hop onto it. I really like the way it looks right now. How did you do that? Chloe has been cute at every stage of her life!

chris+amber said...

I love this post! Isn't it crazy how much babies change in just one year? She's a doll. She has GREAT hair! Love your blog's new look! It always looks great! Of course... YOU = PERFECT!

The Wizzle said...

Ha, I totally remember this! Her hair fell out and it looked like it was coming in red and we were kind of freaking out. Evie says "hi Bow!"

Suzy Cummard said...

I remember seeing you at Ribbons & Lace a little while after you had her. (I was with my sister, Auburn.) Auburn & I both could not stop telling people how cute your baby was. NOW, All my sisters say that she is so cute. Since we all love your blog... OH, my mom too! I love her hair. THEN & NOW!
I loved having Elle in a bow all of the time. THEN, Elle went bald. I hated it at the time, but now I look back & think "She was even so cute blad!"
I love girls. Won't you be so sad if you never had another girl to deck out?!