three of everything

word up kids! so, i'm chillin' abnormally late, {working my guts out on bazzill assignments} and i'm pretty much totally wired at 12:36 in the am hours. so, of course i have decided to blog myself to sleep. today i'm postin' a slightly boring angelicious-survey that arrived via my email a few weeks back. we both know you are just dying to know even more random facts about my crazy life!

{and her we go}

three things i totally love:

1. soda in styrofoam coupled with sonic or old-school qt ice, plus a straw = bliss
2. the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints
3. my dixon/dunn kinfolk

three things I pretty much hate even though
hate’s a pretty strong word:

1. alarm clocks of any kind
2. the lake tahoe sized zit on my forehead that is plotting to take over the universe
3. oh ya, and the fact that i’m nearly 24 years of age & still have zits

three people that make me laugh out loud {lol}:

1. my entire fam-damily
2. every character on the office {stanley in particular}
3. two words: my dizzle

three things that scare me:

1. taking a cab in mexico {ey-yi-yi}
2. pot lucks
3. horses &/or babies near horses

three things i don't & probably never will understand:

1. time zones & daylight savings
2. the tv show lost
3. why having a pet is cool

three things on my desk:

an invite to my bestest girlfriend coree & her unborn baby ashlee’s shower next week
2. a post-it that reads: don’t forget to take out the freaking trash tomorrow!
3. tositos scoops & homade salsa {cause i'm large like that}

three things i plan to do tomorrow:

1. finally finish my record-brakingly large ammounts of laundry
2. complete some overdue design assignments for bazzill
3. play with this adorable midget:

three things i want to do before i die:

1. finish my curtains for the family room
2. cook 7 nights in a row
3. go to florence {italy, not arizona} & get a stamp on my passport
{jk, not really...but i'm obsessed with that movie}

three things i definitely can do:

1. consume large quantities of sugar in one sitting
2. cry at the drop of a hat
3. waste massive amounts of time blogging

three things i can't do:

1. pronounce “available” or “venezuela” correctly
2. be anything but pasty white
{remarkably i am nearly the same color after a week in cancun}
3. & that’s pretty much it {livin’ in “the secret” folks! lol}

three things i miss:

summer before sixth grade with besties kaytie & anja
2. skinny jeans & size small anything {single tear}
3. my sis & bartle friends in portland

three things i'd like to learn:

1. photography skills like this girl’s, crafting skills like this girl’s, & piano playing skills like this girl’s
2. gardening 101 via clodhopper's vast knowledge of all things green
3. how the crap to rotate my food storage

three things i regret:

1. staying up instead of retiring to my bed early like the commandment says i should
2. my ridiculously low self esteem in jr. high & high school
painting my toenails red instead of hot pink for the vaca

three of my very favorite memories:

1. the christmas that we all rocked long johns, parents included

car songs of every variety
{ie: lookin’ in the mirror, raffi anything, and safety kids}

3.this moment o’ operating/delivery room 2006:

three favorite foods:

1. famous dishes of the claudia dixon/ marjorie dent kitchens
2. my mother in law's...well...pretty much anything debra makes is fabulous
popcorn in the air-popper lovingly made by holly melissa {divine, i tell ya}

three favorite tv shows as a kid:

1.step by step {TGIF or bust!}
2. saved by the bell {i heart zach morris}
full house {"have mercy"}

three things i am grateful for today:

1.a healthy body


3.love in my home


runningfan said...

Ah, I'm your first reader at 4:06 a.m. I miss you, too!

Mark Dixon said...

You inspire me! And I'm right behind Heidi this morning!

Unknown said...

so fun angie! you amaze me with all these lists you make! i'm still working on compiling a list of 25 interesting things about me {it will take a while}! one funny thing about the movie "while you were sleeping"... when i was little, i didn't know florence was in italy, but i knew we had one here & it always confused me SO much! i couldn't understand why a. she wanted to go to florence so bad and b. that she needed a passport to get there! {just a funny childhood memory of mine :)}

Michelle said...

just when I thought you couldn't get and cuter. or cooler. or sweeter. or better.

you do.

and you made me feel cooler and sweeter and better for knowing you.

okay - THAT got strangly sappy. lol I guess you make me sappier too! :)

granny said...

Well, I am sadly behind my family members in posting. You make me happy. I think your blog is a daily anticipation for half the world. Thanks for brightening the morning!

MeL said...

I am proof of granny's comment. Always good to see tidbits (ew, I just decided that I hate that word) of your every day life. Oh, and I totally understand the hot pink toenails thing - it's just a good vacation color for toes! Have a fabulous, Have Mercy Day! You Got it Dude!

Staci said...

Angie-loved your post & just kept saying "ME TOO!" to almost everything! Ummmm...I'm so glad you share my love for Stanley, because he is my fav & often over-looked I think! When Matt & I were dating & he'd lean in for a hug or kiss...I would quote "While you were Sleeping" and say..."You're leaning"
Pets...not a fan, don't see the joy they seem to bring to so many! Ummm...24 & zits...ME in a NUTSHELL! Anyways...I could go on an on!

Holl Doll said...

Angie- it's a date. you will come over and i'll make popcorn. (that sounds really good right now.mmm...)So you are like the cutest girl ever! Love ya!

Coree Adams said...

Ang...one of these days I'm going to blog about YOU. 100% serious. I just love you and need some Dunn/Adams time SOON! Hope Bow is feeling better :( Give her hugs from her BF Daners and her soon to be BFF Ashlee :)

The Jones Fam said...

Just so you know, I stalk your blog on regular occasion as well... the cat's out of the bag! So feel free to comment any ol' time- especially if you are telling me my house & flowers look good. It's fun to see what you are up to!


Suzy Cummard said...

TGIF is right. Didn;t you totally look forward to that every week!
That was a really long post, but very cute... Of course I read the whole thing!

Zits just mean we are young, RIGHT?

Is that your dog? Does that dog get groomed by an awesome lady named 'LORI"? Just asking!!

cori said...

fun fun list of threes. you make me laugh. love your blog!love cori

shabbyscrapper said...

you gotta love those bazzill deadlines!! and that is seriously one of my favorite movies too...that bill pullman is one sexy boy!

we just went to florence, yah the one in italy! when i figure out how to use my blog, i will post some pics...just for you!