my evening plans

just put the bow down & finished dinner dishes.
{life is good.}
here is what's on the agenda:
consume popcorn.
enjoy some sugar.
while reading new moon!

aren't those popcorn bowls TDF?
TDF=to die for in dixon lingo, btw.

as i stated in my last post, my good friend o' scrapbooks etc, emily mcbride purchased them for me! i love love love them! probably because i'm basically obsessed with popcorn. no really, ask myron. i can eat popcorn @ anytime of the day/never get sick of it! so, sporting my fave snack in cute bowls automatically is uber-happy! oh, and ems gave me massive ammounts of sugar like: sour punch straws, junior mints, reeses pieces, etc....but myron & i might have been really hungry/on a sugar high the passed couple of days. {ooopps}

anywhoooo...back to em. aw, i just love her. we go WAY back. i 'member when she was just a customer @ the store & would bring her cute scrapbook pages in. then she got a job there. and then she worked there foreva, LIKE ME! (: She is a very loyal friend to me, really thoughtful {hence above}, and i'm in love with her hilarious comments that she makes! we've bonded many a day behind the register, and those are memories i cherish, fo sho. she's also {beyond} creative. she always has a freaking adorable project going on, an invitation, a card, a wedding sign-in book, cute headbands for her amazingly adorable girlie kennedy, or whatev! she's currently working on creative projects for her little sisters wedding, and i know for a fact it will all be fabulous!

she ALWAYS remembers my birthday, no matter what! {which is ironic, 'cause i'm the lamest birthday rememberer ever...no, like EVER} oh, and she's also known to have a gift a few months early...and it is like SO thought out, perfectly adorable, and personalized. one year she tied me THE CUTEST barbie fleece blanket {'cause i love barbies} & we won't even get started on the adorable group shower gift she put togetha for chlo. {perf.}

i am grateful for good friends like emily.
{single happy tear}
and thanks to her, i will be having a BLESSED evening.
saturday truly IS a special day...

{hope you had a happy one!}


cori said...

ok so we are practically sisters. i am indulging as we speak on popcorn. seriously. wanna know what else... my cold can of diet coke. my nectar.

IF i had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life... it would be popcorn {and totinos} since i love you that much and i read your blog so faithfully. seriously. i LOVE it.... what kind do you eat? i am excited to know, because maybe we really are related somehow. you inherited the creative cute side, and i just inherited other things...

the best...ahem...popcorn...in the world... is...drumroll plaeeze... is Homestyle Pop Secret. i could eat a whole bag by myself, and the best part are the unpopped kernals. brandon and i fight over the remains of the bowl. so you see, and i was doubley excited because my mom has the same popcorn bowls. and we buy ALL the skittles, sour patch, good n plenties.... oh and i love reeses pieces. another fav. you are so fun. love, cori

Coree Adams said...

Yum popcorn sounds good right now. However, since it is 3:10 am, I shall refrain from popping it. The smell of it would wake the whole fam for sure, and if the smell didn't, the crunch of me chomping on it would. Yes the whole fam is asleep but me, but that's cuz Dane just fell back to sleep, Ashlee just fell asleep but has to eat in like 20 min so why go back in bed just to wake up in a few, and Bry is snoring like a log...as always. LOL

Kaytie Brown said...

Popcorn + Angie makes me think of... always aking for EXTRA butter @ the movies, sharing the butter residue off the microave popcorn bag, and finally grossest/most hilarious of all... the popcorn/puke bowl!

P.S. I just finished New Moon. LOVE it!

chris+amber said...

Emily is AWESOME. Does she have a blog? If not, we need to get her to start one so we can watch those cute kids of hers grow up & to copy her cute project/ideas! I can't wait to see more spotlights of SBetc. peeps!

The Fletchies said...

may i suggest you get a stir popper for your popcorn? I believe you can purchase them at fry's grocery? Maybe my dad got it for me as a wedding present and it is the most used present we got. (also obsessed with popcorn). anyways a little oil a little kernels makes life complete! forget microwave. its for amatures.

Kylie said...

supa cute popcorn bowls!! I think I am going to start on New Moon this week, since I FINALLY finishe Harry Potter--I still haven't figured out the secret to reading when you have small kids (except for REALLY late at night)!

Unknown said...

i totally agree with cori, that is the BEST popcorn! and i love emily too! she is so funny!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Emily is the best ever! I love working with her! Even though we call each other "the other Emily."

The*Evans*Family said...

For the love....you haven't finished New Moon already? Please tell me this is your second time around. How could you hold off like that? At this point we could make a paper chain to count down until the release of Eclipse. It doesn't get any better than that!

Stoddard Studios said...

I chowed down a whole bag of pop corn on Saturday night too. As well as a bag of reeses pieces.I also ate another whole bag of popcorn last night. I haven't had it in a long time but got in the mood. Now I can't stop. It must be a new pregnancy craving. Watch out! My favorite kind it Kettle Corn. YUM!