realizations & goals

i’ve come to a few realizations this week.

3 outta 4 were {sorta} depressing.

so, i spent today {in it's entirety} creating a plan of attack to eliminate problems &
make my life even happier.

disclaimer: um, you don’t really hafta read this, i promise. i basically just posted this as motivation for myself. i figure if it’s on the internet, there’s no turning back, right?! [lol]

realization #1

besides my pretty closets & happy labeled boxes, my life is pretty much very disorganized. very very happy mind you, but very disorganized. my casa is rarely clean, because as i have stated before, i struggle with the daily maintenance clean up routine thing. i’m kinda ocd in that, i want to clean my house all at one time, and if i don’t have time to do it ALL, then i just don’t do anything. so, my humble abode ends up looking like this:

and this:

and this:

until i get sick of it/supa-cranky & then me and my helpful husband clean it from top to bottom. and the cycle repeats.

this makes it difficult to be organized in my other areas of life such as: being a fun mom, workity-work, my primary calling, my health, generally being kind, etc...

so, I was inspired by a friend's blog to make myself a chore chart. genius. since i’m basically obsessed with crossing things off lists, this just might work.

i created a morning & night routine & then assigned myself a couple chores for each day. if i stick to the plan for two whole months, i’ve promised myself a pair of fancy/non-target jeans that fit. yay for self bribery!

which brings me to my next realization:

realization #2

i am officially a candidate for the show what not to wear.

when did i become so frumpy? {single tear.} for once being mesa high’s most uniquely dressed 2001, {lol/totally kidding} i sure am kinda boring now! aside from a few new birthday outfits {that I love, love, love, btw…thanks fam!} i truly could use some help in the fashion department! i think that once i stepped out of my thrift-store-chic style, i just didn’t know what to do with myself, and started wearing what’s comfortable. {ie: baggy everything, myron’s t-shirts, etc.} i used to be able to pull-off a swanky scarf, eclectic outfit & the most random of accessories. now {on the other hand} i put a headband on, look in the mirror, say to myself, “girl, what are you trying to prove” & take it off. i have good taste, but very little confidence in my 2007 fashion attempts.

so, it’s time to drop a few L.B.s & go shopping, i reckon. 30 minutes of exercise per day is one of my daily chores. might seem weak sauce to the rest of the world, but this will be huge for me. once i shed a few, i’ll have my pre-chloe wardrobe to work with & add to. [that being said, *caution: soapbox* looks aren’t everything, beauty comes from the inside, being a fashionista SO isn’t a priority to me, and myron’s shirts ARE comfortable, and I’m gonna sport them every once in a while.] i’d just like to be a healthier version of myself, with a new cute shirt or two, ya know?

i’m going to take baby-steps in the healthier diet category too, starting with feeding my lil family dinner. {novel thought, lol}

which brings me to:

realization #3
if i have another totinos pizza for dinner, i think i might kill myself.

the number one reason I don’t cook is I can NEVER think of something to make. and then once i do, we don’t have the ingredients. hence us ending up going to chipotle or eating some other barf-esque quick fix meal such as hormel chili.

so, i've busted out the cookbooks & some of my favorite dinner recipes & typed them up. i still have some to add, but plenty to work with. every wednesday [when the ads come out] i’m going to choose 5 recipes out of my three ring binder, plan a veggie & fruit for each meal & buy the stuff for those meals when I grocery shop. that way i can sorta plan around what’s on sale. i organized my recipes into categories “supa easy,” “average bear,” & “over-achiever.” supa easy recipes are like the kind of dinner when things are busy, or when myron is working late, like bean burritos & salsa or something crockpot-ish. average bear recipes are things that take a little more time, but are still easy, like taco salad, chicken fajitas, etc. over-achievers are basically all the really yummy ones that take a little longer & i’m afraid to make, but gonna try to make on Myron’s night off, aka monday. i’ve listed the ingredients at the top, so it will be easy to make shopping lists. i’ve also listed the morning prep, like taking the blasted meat out of the freezer {always forget that step.} i’m kinda excited…should be fun to NOT feel like a failure in this area o' my existence! (:

and last but not least, i'm glad i know & am very aware of this:

realization #4

life is so so good,
and to everything there is a

here's to new seasons & striving to be my best self!
{happy tuesday}


Malissa said...

I love your blog! I can't even remember how I got hooked to it, but I love it...you are so funny! I've seen you at the scrapbook store a few times..you've got real talent!!

Unknown said...

this is something that i should try to follow myself! i never exercise and REALLY need to. not only to shed a few pounds, but just to get healthy! i used to play volleyball everyday, now i eat at least 1 cookie everyday. i don't like the turn my life has taken! you always look so cute when i see you btw! i don't know why you think you look frumpy. i am though! i went to work today in dirty flip flops, dirty jeans, a size too big ASU shirt, with dirty hair. i really need to start caring what i look like{at least when i go to work}! :) thanks for the inspiration ang!

Amy said...

YOu are so awesome and make me want to be a better person! Hey you list idea and getting things when you accomplish things is such a fun idea. I did that once when I was trying to lose 15lbs. And I told myself I could'nt cut or color my hair until I lost it. And, it was very hard because we all know how much I love to do change my hair. But, I did it and it worked out so good. I think I might try that whole thing again! Way to motivate me Ang!!!!

Mark Dixon said...

I hadn't seen that photo of you in the newspaper for a long time! Hats off to your new organizing techniques. I think your food plan for the day is great - and totally Angie - with the colorful headings and all!

By the way, two people here at our big Sun event told me they like your blog!

The*Evans*Family said...

I am all about list and crossing them off! I'll admit I make a weekly menu and is REALLY helps. I'm not looking around at 5 when Matt comes home thinking what do we have in the freezer that sounds yummy. Ha. NOTHING! Looks like I need to evaluate and spruce things up around my house too. :) See ya at class!!

Kate said...

You are my inspiration... Angie... I'm totally needing some of those same goals/realizations to happen in my life. And, I totally understand how 30 minutes of exercise could be considered a miracle. :) That's it, I'm jumping on the organized life bandwagon! :)

The Candlands said...

Okay sista! We need to chat! First of all (this has already been mentioned) we are so alike! I am an absolute OCD organizing/cleaning freak too! After 6 1/2 years of marriage my husband still questions why I can be that way, but still have a messy house. He thinks subconciously I want the mess to clean up so I let it go, then work my butt off all Saturday scrubbin with a toothbrush! The only time I've done really good was assigning myself a room to do a day, along with a certain color of laundry. But what I did was completely clean my house on Saturday, then I disciplined myself so like on Monday I spent 30 minutes in my room really organizing and deep cleaning. Then I threw in a load of darks and washed them...then folded them. Tuesday was bathrooms and whites, etc. It worked for a while, but we're in the midst of moving, so my plan only worked for about 3 weeks! One secret I learned was always go to bed with a clean kitchen sink and start the dishwasher after your last meal. Then you aren't tempted to snacky pooh because your kitchen is clean and you don't want to dirty a dish. On to the meal thing. I am a fanatic about it! I'm totally sending you one of my cookbooks (when I finish them - hopefully Septemeber)! I set a goal a few years ago that I would never make the same meal twice in 1 month. It also helped by making my gigantic chalboard calendar and hanging it on my kitchen wall. The first of the month I always write down all my meals (which in my cookbook I've listed a bazillion ideas - which are all easy and tested by friends with 2+ kids). I get all my meat at Costco so all I'm getting at the grocery store is simple things to complete the meal. Email me your addy so I can send you one (and the cool thing is, each recipe has a picture)! Okay, my novel is dragging on...peace out!

P.S. Are you gonna be around at convention?! I'm coming down for it, and I'm staying for 2 weeks (Time Out For Women is the following weekend). We so need to have a little get together or something like with my cuz Megan! Just throwing the idea out!

cori said...

i love realizations. because i realize every day that my house is a mess, i wear frumpy clothes too, we eat totino's, and my dinners are just good enough to eat. glad to know i realized i am not alone in this world. haha. you are the coolest ange, and i am so glad you are you. love,cori

granny said...

How awesome you are! Way to get organized.

MeL said...

Chipotle and Hormel chili sound shamefully familiar to the Lindblom household. I keep telling myself that once our house gets done, and Philip starts school, and I don't have school at night time, and we have a very regular schedule, I will start making dinner. I have the same endless battles as you aka, I never have fresh food in my house, so if it can't be made from rice, frozen chicken or tortillas, we just can't make it. RRRG. Oh how I know the frustrations. Anyways, here's to a better life...perhaps I will join you...when my house is done, Philip starts school and I have a regular schedule!
Way to take matters into your own hands! Have an Angelicious day!

The Kewpie Klan said...

I like you Angie...you make me feel normal, and you are very cute doing it. I think we are the same person. I struggle with the very same things. If I took pictures of my house, they would look the same as yours...but way worse.

huneybezzz3 said...

AMEN! I agree with everything you posted. I could follow all your plans and be great but I won't. ha ha Good luck and see ya Thursday.

Coree Adams said...

k I'm gonna email you about this blog...because what I have to say will take up WAY too much space on your comments..k LUVS

joeyship said...

Have you by chance found "The Flylady?" If not, you need to go to her website. She has also written a book called Kitchen Sink Reflections. It's kinda hokey, BUT her method works. I've tried it, and it really made a huge difference in my life. I've kinda fallen off the wagon in the last few months, but it's time to jump back on.

I wonder if you've already found it because of a few key ideas and words I found in your blog, like "babysteps," etc.


come sit awhile... said...

Oh, Ang...you, my friend, are a miracle, a day maker, an answer to prayer, a green arrow and a breath of fresh air all rolled into one. I LOVE YOU!

And the "shout out" to me...well, have you ever seen a 200+ woman floating around the room with tears rolling down her face? Come to my house...it's me!

Thank you, Ang...having you in my life makes me want to be a better me

Buckets and barrels of love...Les


Megan said...

Hey! I tried the whole meal thing, and it didn't work to well for me. *single tear* and then I also tried the chore chart thing and that also didn't work for me *double tear* so all in all...my house is always a mess! I hope you will have WAY better success then I did. And I agree with my wonderful cousin deniegh that we need to get together and do somethin fun! :) Have a good day!

HooHoo said...

Ang, you're amazingly mature to have these realizations and not just rationalize and make excuses for yourself. You're at the top on my favorite list and I think you're amazing to make such good goals. Each day is a new chance. Don't worry about being completely perfect. We already think you're too close to translation. Please stay around and hang with us homies. Love this post!

amanda p. said...

um... you are amazing.com! two words for your self criticizing "what ever"

you=amazing and I totally agree that you should get rid of all your wardrobe if they are to boring for you.... just let me know when you are going to DI and I will follow you there and load all your bags into my truck. Hello... you always look so cute... only problem with my plan is your clothes size will need like a 1 in front of it to fit me :(
So, I hope you are planning to hang out with us soon. We are having a shark week party at Neil's in a few and you are totally invited to any day you want to come! we would love to have you there :)

Stoddard Studios said...

I love your blog. I don't know if you remember me but we went to Jr. High and High School together. My names Kaylea, formally known as Hunt. We never really talked much. I think you were a year younger than me. Maybe that's why. But, anyway, I ran across your blog and fell in love with it. I love your honesty and humor. You put a smile on my face daily. I love this new post. you sound EXACTLY like me. Everything you said I could totally relate to. I do/did all the same things you do. I even did the thing where I write up the recipes for the week and then go shopping and get what you need. I only did it once and it worked SO well. I made dinner all week. I don't know why I didn't keep doing it. You've inspired me to try again. What not to wear is the greatest show ever. I started watching it and it totally helped me dress better. I went out and bought a few things and mixed them with stuff I already had. Their advice totally works. If you haven't tried pointed toe shoes yet...you should. They do amazing things. I love them. Anyway, keep up the amazing blogs. You can check mine out, it's not nearly as fun as yours, but it works. pete-n-kaylea.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

this is to les... since i can't comment on your blog les, i'll do it here... the picture of you on your profile is SO pretty! for real!!! and you need to start posting on your blog, cause i know it would be super cute & inspiring!!! love ya!

MeL said...

I forgot to mention that I love how short shirts were in 2001. Midriff(sp?) was the bomb squared.

Staci said...

Way to motivate everyone in this whole stinkin world! Go Angie!!! I started a "chore chart" about a month ago & I'm not allowed to turn the computer on, until my chore for the day is done. I LOVE to email/blog, so my house has stayed MUCH cleaner this past month! You motivated me in several other areas as well...EXERCISE! I need it so badly! Oh...and I LOVE the memory of ANGIE DUNN: MOST UNIQUE DRESSED GIRL AT MESA HIGH!!! I know I voted for you!

Stoddard Studios said...

I'm glad you remembered who I am. It's too bad we were never friends. I think we would have gotten along well. You are such a fun person. I really missed out. I kind of think I wasn't very nice to you in Chorus. Was I mean to you? I hope not. Sorry if I was. Jr. High and High School was SO over rated. It's funny how you care so much about appearance and who your friends are. And then, when you graduate, you could care less. And, you wonder why you were so stupid. Makes you wish you could go back and just be super nice to everyone and not care if they were in your circle or not. LOL. Anyway, I'm really sorry if I was ever rude or didn't take the chance to talk to you. By the way, your little girl is SO freakin' cute. And...LOVE your scrapbook pages. Makes we want to pull my out and work on it again. I haven't done it in forever. Well, Thanks for visiting my blog. That was nice. I'll be back to see yours tomorrow...(wink, wink).

Erin said...

Hi cute lady. I'm Jenny Packard's neice... and of course check out your blog cause I'm a total blog stalker. But I figured it was ok because we have the exact same fridge/freezer! Haha. Love the blog. You're way cute and fun and have an adorable family!