special delivery

hey, remember the time our fish tank decided to randomly crack out of no where?
that was funny.
{oh wait, not really}
hey, and remember when 25 gallons of salt water started spewing forth everywhere?
that was very dramatic.
{but still kinda funny}
hey, and remember how it was an out-of-control big mess?
{i do}
hey, and remember when we got our happy & shiny new tank in the mail yesterday?
{yay for temporary tanks no longer chillin' on the kitchen counter!}
hey, and remember when boxes/peanuts are the coolest thing since sliced bread?
{according to chloe}

hey, and remember how everything happens for a reason, 'cause we were able to retrieve our clown fish, lil rojo from the sump he jumped into back in the day?
{it was a tender reunion}

thanks saac & aud for all your help!
{you rock}

{happy friday}


Coree Adams said...

Oh wow! That is super nice! I can't wait to see it in real life. How fun! I'm so glad your fish have a new home...let's cross our fingers that this one isn't naughty.

Erica said...

Angie - Casey told me you read my blog so now I feel less creepy for secretly reading yours. This is late, but the post you did on your organization and labeled boxes basically made me fall in love with you.

Unknown said...

i like the new tank! looks good!

amanda p. said...


I was so glad to finally meet you in real life the other day at your work! I have been stalking your blog for some time and think you are such a cute person. I have dreamed of meeting you before so you can imagine my excitement when you came into my class! You are even more amazing in person than on the web!

yeah, maybe we could give you our goldfish named Olivia. I know she/he wouldn't fair very well in the salt water and all but honestly! Delia got her for her 1st birthday from her cousin and we didn't really want a fish and all but you know... now we have her :( I'm glad you like your scaley friends cause they kinda creep me out!

cori said...

you need to go and get some sea turtles for that tank. they are awesome pets.

Sara! said...

I think you should pipe in the music "Under the Sea" to get the fish re-acclimated. Did Myron put on his red stripy shirt to match Rojo? I LOVE buddy pictures!

Now under the sea is stuck in my head; yours?

Holl Doll said...

so according to your last comment i kind of do have under the sea stuck in my head now but i don't mind. wink wink. :) so i'm very happy for your little rojo and his super-escape. i decided that the reason the tank broke is because rojo is like super-strong and he ran into the side of the tank on purpose so he could get out and see all of his little buddies. the end.

mademoisellechitchat said...

CONGRATS about the fish tank, angie!!!

Yesterday, I thought of you as I was in CHICAGO. That's right, I was on the "magnificent mile" - macy's, H&M, filenes, ferragamos, and nordstroms. Take the shoe dept. at the scottsdale nordies; multiply it by 5. That's the size of the Chicago one. My broke self only purchased make-up. I was on the hunt for brown sandals, and found none.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Oops, I clicked submit too fast.

I have taken some awesome pictures. I'll make sure to share the chitown ones when I return to AZ.

Love - Cicely

Lucia said...

Hi you don't know me.. Way back in college, myron use to hang out with me and some other people i never see anymore, so I am having a BBQ to invite those few people, I used to know, and I wanted to invite you and your fam. So if you're interested my email is, davidnlucia@gmail.com. Oh and your scrapbooking is AMAZING! And your daughter is adorable.