happy thoughts o' august afternoon

here's a handful of things that make me {smile} as of late.

my new purchase: the george forman lean, mean fat grilling machine.
{who i have affectionately nicknamed jorge, btw.} this device is fab. in a mere nine minutes, frozen chicken breast {barf on that word} turns into a delightful fajita dinner. i am truly obsessed w/ this invention.
it makes the most juicy of meat & the steamed lovliness o' vegetables.

all things chi.
thanks to my adorable sil, audrey, i am a daily user o' this miracle working contraption.
it turns my weak-skills o' angie hairdo-ness into hopefully something not as much brown helmet-ish.
and it's pink. gotta love that. (:

clorox joy
mel introduced me to this world of convenience. how nice are these for EVERY surface to exist? honestly! best ever. {and the smells are heavenly to boot!} i plan to purchase a container for every room of the house. {and i'm not kidding.}

studying up
since sometimes i catch myself teaching my primary kids false doctrine [myron corrects me, don't worry], i decided it's time for me to brush up on the minor details o' the good old Book of Mormon. so, i purchased a religion manual @ deseret. it's really helped me in my studies. a attribute most of my happiness in life to the truths belonging in this, said BOM. and that makes me smile, like, big.

bath life saver
k, so mi madre purchased this awesome device for me. if you don't have one, it's awesome...and perhaps you should get one. it is to assist rinsing children's hair out, post head scrub, w/out getting bubble-water in their eyes/faces. i adore it, and use it every eve. thanks mo.

smokin' deal
so, i LOATHE spending money on necessary yet often expensive items such as: pjs. and makeup. and tires. and undergarments {including diapers}.
so, you can imagine my joy when m-dizzle spotted these pjs for the chlo-ster @ mervyns for $2.50 each!! {and they are surprisingly cute & refreshingly colorful!}
yay for wicked bargains!

opening new detergent
i LOVE gain detergent. i've tried tide, and other brands, and always go back to my fave: gainers.
last month i purchased a large container of a different kind, and it was OKAY, but i missed my usual laundry-staple so much. i'm excited to report the old kind is gone, and this morning, chloe & i rejoiced upon the opening o' a new box of gain. i can't wait for it to perfume-up my laundry room! we are gonna have a sheet washing party today in celebration.

wally world purchase=my new mop
i just got this new cleaning device, per my mother-in-laws recommendation. and i LOVE it. reason being: it is huge & covers {nearly} the entire width of 18in tile! it has a microfiber cover that you put on, and then when you are done, throw it in the wash w/ some bleach & it's ready to use again! it's so inexpensive to use! i could go on & on...but i won't.

i'm awesome.
so, i've been cookin' the fam dinner a lot more lately. it's going relatively well, but last night we ran into a little prob. um, i was making taco soup & accidentally put ground cinnamon in the crock pot, instead of taco seasoning. ooops. i repeat {in the most sarcastic voice ever}...i'm awesome.

SYTYCD fever!
go sabra!!

my husband's new obsession:
mexican coke. pretty random. but, apparently you can buy large quantities of it @ smart & final.
who knew?
but, just for the record, i wouldn't put it past him, to drive to nogales for it.
that's all.

sportin' something other than target flip flops:
i love the casual, yet ultra cute feel of these new birthday shoes my sis got for me!
thanks heidi!
i've said it before & i'll say it again...i heart shoes. they always fit.

my new musical discovery:
oh regina,
where have you been all my life?

that's all.
{happy wednesday everyone!}


Erica said...

What happy things! I love Clorox wipes, and Regina Spektor; in that order. I think you've convinced me I need to purchase a George Forman.

cori said...

does it really cook a frozen chicken {the word} in minutes? i can hardly buleeeve it. i ALways have frozen chicken{the word} and don't usually cook it bcuz it takes to long to boil, chop, and all that jazz. i have never even thought to buy one. now, you must explain the vegtables bcuz, i am thinking they all might just run off of the jorge.

this post made me happy to be. to be your friend numba 1. i have a extrememly clean house right now, bcuz we are leaving. i love clorox wipes. in fact everyone one on my mccoy family side teases me that i have them everywhere, and i use them All the time. they use those big pieces of pink or purple sponges, that literlly breath and scream ecoli. icckkk. and then to see them being spread all over, makes me just ready to go take a bath or something.

ummm. what else. love regina lately too. uummm. oh yah the laundry. that is hilarious to me, because we love tide powder. with the downy ball, and bounce sheets. cannon and i have a thing when we open a new box too. everytime we go through the g-rage we have a tide smelling party.

the book of mormon. love it. read it.. and will be buying me that manuel too. have you bought miss chloe the animated one? so fun. old school but still true.

the chi. don't use it, because my hair is SO straight i don't need it. but all my friends have a chi. good choice. i love that pitcher you have. we use a tuppaware one for our babies.

i just made taco soup for my fam last week. can you believe how much we have in common? i cannot. you are so fun ange. oh- i think you can dance is so fun too. cuz i think i can dance real good. love you like so much. happy wednesday right back at you.

Holl Doll said...

umm... so is that person from so you think you can dance really named sabra? cause that would make me happy. cause mom almost named me that. hooray for awesome names.

Unknown said...

Let us just say we are one of the same kind- I have a mini jorge- (sung) LOVE HIM, my mom sometimes makes vanilla chicken (ask Myronface), I love CHIs... and Regina is one of my favs! Glad to see you know crap!- your blog is so cute (TDF) and so much fun BTW!

Unknown said...

Oh- almost forgot- Sabra is freakin brilliant- If I was Hindu, and believed in reincarnation, I would want to come back as her...dang it- I feel a blog comin on...

Mark Dixon said...

YOU make me smile!

Stoddard Studios said...

So, I have lots to say about your blog. First, I love you. You Make my day. Second, you should be a photographer! You take the CUTEST pictures to go with your thoughts. They always look perfect. And, I agree with all you wrote about. Here are a few of my thoughts. George Forman- I have one too and LOVE it just the same. I usually wouldn't ever think about cooking chicken but this makes it so easy (and I don't have to touch the nasty thing - I hate how raw chicken looks and avoid touching it at all costs). Chi- WANT one! They are the best...and they are PINK...can't beat that! Pajamas- I have the same problem about not wanting to spend money on them. $2.50...what a steal. I'd even buy it for that. Detergent- LOVE the smell of it. You have to get the good stuff. Sabra- She ROCKS! She should totally win! She's so amazing! That's all. Have a great Wednesday!

Stoddard Studios said...

P.S. What kind of camera do you have? Mine would never take such good photos. I need a new one. Let me know. I really love the quality of photos your produces.

Coree Adams said...

Ang, I love the little things in life that make me happy, so when you blog about the little things in life that make you happy, you make me happy too!

MeL said...

Soooo, I can't explain how happy I am that you love the Clorox Wipes! It was kind of like when you talk about how good a restaraunt is and then someone else goes there and you're all nervous that they won't love it as much as you...but in cleaning supply form. Anyhoo, now that I know you are an avid user, we might as well buy stock in the company because you and I alone could probably keep Mr. Clorox in business for years!

Laura Blue said...

oh, my dearest ang! your blog is so inspiring. i love it! cute shoes- love the coke bottles (everyone needs to collect them) - watching so you think you can dance as i type - everyone loves the dollar deals on clothes - clorox wipes makes cleaning so mush easier and less messy - and in ref. to your comment... I am blessed with no stretch makes.. yes, but i do have a vainy white belly. so you can't be jealous. haha love ya and hope this made sence

The Wizzle said...

Oooh, David and I are also alarmingly fond of Mexican Coke! I can't decide if I should ignore this post or go to S&F...because if I get some, well, we'll drink it. And I'm not sure that's a good thing.

And Chloe and Eve should totally have a dress-up party! That's all.

amy mo said...

Oh goodness did you know that next week is the finale of sytycd?? I didn't! I haven't prepared myself mentally to handle not being able to watch it anymore! By the way, tonight was absolutely AWESOME. Oh my gosh I loved every single dance. I was in love with Pasha during his hip hop. I'm totally gonna be up at midnight on Saturday so I can buy tickets for the tour! I'll just have to find someone to drag along with me, but I'll go alone if I have to!

p.s. I'm jealous of your chi. I spent like 80 on some rip off one that totally wasn't worth it.

Unknown said...

i love regina too! she puts me in a good mood...as does the BOM and my chi. i really want to try out that grill... looks/sounds awesome! those are the cutest shoes! i love the big bow on them!

Julie said...

I am exhausted yet thouroughly refreshed from reading this post. Hmmm... makes ya wonder. HeeHee! You are my hero. Nuf said!

Amy said...

Ok Ang you are so cute...it makes me miss you everytime I read your blog. I also LOVE Regina! She is amazing. And I do LOVE Chi products. Oh I love ya girl!

Kylie said...

This is just a request...if you ever have time (and want to) will you take a picture of that cute board/picture holder thingy about your couch! I love it and want to do a similar idea in my kiddos room (if you don't mind)...feel free to post pics of your whole house--you always give me great ideas!

Staci said...

Yeah! So glad there are others rooting Sabra on! I LOVE HER!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok i think you are rad! first you have fabulous short hair!~SO I FELT INSTANT;Y BONDED TO YOU! then, the gain! i obsess about my gain detergent! you have great taste in laundry flavors! and then.....those shoes! i own those cute shoes! you are muy muy fabuloso! and i think you blog rocks, and at least 3 of my links link to you! small world!
you rock!

Suzy Cummard said...

Cute random post. I loved it.
*When did you realize about the cinnamon or whatever it was??? Was it yummy? HA HA
*I have never had luck with the Foreman. Offering cooking Lessons??
*I need a CHI, but PINK? Are you kidding me? NOW I REALLY NEED A CHI! EMERGENCY!
I loved everything else too!!