i heart tag

my internet has been being {beyond} g-e-i-g-h this week…luckily, my qwest man came today & solved the prob. not having reliable internet for the past 36 hours or so has basically been drivin' me batty.

anywho…you guessed it! i’ve been tagged…by my beauty of a cousin, katie. and, what can i say, i seem to love the game of blog-tag…so, here’s more nonsense about me:

1. what were you doing 10 years ago?
i was enduring 9th grade. i can’t honestly say i enjoyed ’97 all that much, not gonna lie. i was
uber-awkward and hadn’t made the decision yet that it’s pretty alright to just be me. that year made for some pretty hot photo shoots too. And by hot, i really just mean oh-so embarrassing.

2. what were you doing 1 year ago?
i had just started back to work post birth o’ babe. i was IN LOVE with being a new mom.
{still am} i had just replaced my housecoat of comfy-ness with real {if you wanna call size-huge real} clothes, post c-section. oh, and i was a tad bit high strung. wait, i think i still am.

3. five snacks you enjoy?
1. popcornizzle {especsh the kind that my lil sis
holly makes}
2. tlc’s {tiny little crackers…scrumptious}
3. anything
sugar related {aka my vice}
4. fresh fruit
5. debra’s salsa & chips

4. five songs you know all of the lyrics to:
1. stay – lisa loeb {who doesn’t}
2. c' est lavie – vanessa carlton {love her, squared}
3. tie the rope – the format {love him, cubed}
4. mint car- the cure
5. who i am – jessica andrews
{my theme song}

5. five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. first & foremost: pay someone to finish painting my living room
2. buy all the
PERFECT gifts i have picked out for all my friends & fam, but can’t buy because…well, i’m not a millionaire…and wrap them in cute TDF wrapping paper w/ lots of real ribbon.
3. pay off the mortgage baby!
4. invest in more rental properties
5. eat at the
melting pot to see what the freakin’ hype is

6. five bad habits
1. jogging on the treadmill only long enough to think of an
excuse to get off
2. consuming
large ammounts of popcorn at 10-11pm
3. forgetting to charge my phone {myron’s a
big fan, let me tell ya}
comparing myself to others
5. being a hermit & enjoying
every second

7. five things you like to do:
1. clean & organize really messy spaces
2. dance with the bow bow
3. just
putter {love that word, btw, it reminds me of my mom} around the house doing projects with my man
4. watch the same movie every night for a week/
memorize it
5. laugh my guts out at funny people/shows/jokes/blogs

8. five things that you will never wear again:
1. u-knits {remember those? hot.}
2. size tiny
3. bodysuits
4. spandex
5. banana clips

9. five favorite toys:
1. my george forman {future blog post in the making}
2. my panasonic camera {wouldn’t want to ever live w/out it}
3. my new mop from wally world
4. my click-it {scrapbook or bust!}
5. this computer {my friend, my confidant}

10. where will you be in 10 years?
happily chillin’ with myron lee, chloe mae & hopefully we’ll be blessed w/ another midget or two to join the par-tay!

whew, the end.

oh, and you {can} be tagged if you want to be…

{happy thursday yos}


huneybezzz3 said...

OK so I am laughing so hard right now! 10 years ago you were in 9th grade-Junior high that is. I am way jealous ohhhh to be 10 years younger.

Staci said...

I love your favorite "toys" section:) I don't know many people that list a mop under their fav toys, but props to you & I'm sure it makes for a clean house!

The Kewpie Klan said...

you make me smile. I think you make everyone smile. Oh, and I;m with you about the banana clips!

Kaytie Brown said...

What?! Did you forget how SO HOT we were in bodysuits Ang??? Who invented those btw, and thought of the name. BODY SUIT... how funny! You're so right about "stay". Way to bring back old school 9th grade days. Love ya!

Coree Adams said...

That's my fav pic of you and Chloe to date Ang. You are so gorgeous, and your little babe of a girl, Chloe is following closely behind you. I love you to pieces and hope you are feeling better!

cori said...

ok so now i feel a little oldish compared to you. 10 years ago, i had miss mackenzie, you were in 9th grade? you could've been one of my mia maids. but thats ok. i had to wait for you to grow up to be bffs with you. isn't that so crazy? can you guess how old i am? starts with a 3 and ends in a 1. mumstheword.

ps. how does your sis. make popcornizzle? please tell me.

Laura Blue said...

two cutest girls in the whole world. i love it! hope you are all doing well. i haven't seen you down at the store since your class., so i just wanted to say hi. miss ya and hope to see you soon. hi chloe!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Yay! I love finally seeing pics of your home decor. Lol! I need to get some up myself, along w/the ribbons and the frames. Geez, boys and work... I've def been slackin'.

See ya lata girly! :0)

The*Evans*Family said...

I think everyone loves Angie!? Right? Yes! P.S. I love Jessica Andrews too!!

The Wizzle said...

I love you for providing me with blog topics! Did you keep the rugs?

angiedunn said...

yes, yes, I kept the rugs. and they are happy. i'm thankful for the advice/decision to keep their target lovliness.

Suzy Cummard said...

What is funnt, is that you THINK you are big. YEAH RIGHT!
There were so many things I was laughing at & agreeing with... ESP. ANY flippin' excuse to get off the treadmill.. Hmmm I wonder why I am the large one? (Wait, no I don't!)
Where you were 10 years ago... HA HA. Who doesn't wish they could've listened to "BE yourself & be happy with yourself."?? Just think of your daughter at that age. I am sure everyone has gone thru the stages & the fellings... but doesn't it kill you to think that your own CUTE child might not like who they are??? SAD to think about!

You always crack me up!.. You crack up people who do NOT even know you!