vicious cycle.

friday evening @ our casa equals:

myron working hard for our fam @ insurance appointments.

and me watching what not to wear, as many episodes that are on.

and then the show will remind me how frumpy-esque my post-chloe-birth wardrobe is.

which inspires me to go shopping to remedy my fashion hopelessness.

and then, i come home with this:
{all on h-core clearance}

{and dairy queen usually}

and then i depressingly think in my most sarcastic mind-voice ever, "ya, these adorable shoes'll look fabulous with those classy grey sweats paired with that bleach-stained hawaii shirt in my closet."

and then myron comes home.

and he lovingly asks me what i made for dinner.

and i say, "um, sorta nothing, but i got some cheap-n-cute shoes...see!"

and then we order out.

and i am happy & overly content.
with a cute man, adorable sleeping girl & chilis take out.
in yoga pants & an oversized hurley shirt & a usually pink, sometimes red bandana.

i'm sorry clinton & stacy.
i'll do better next week.

{happy friday}


Stoddard Studios said...

Ha ha ha! LOVE IT! You're SO funny. Sounds like my Saturday nights. Love the shoes. I bought myself some flat shoes a few weeks ago. I've decided I love them. My feet actually aren't in pain after wearing them{like most}. But, if you walk on the pavement to much {during the day in the hot summer} you start to feel the heat come through the shoes, and that's not pleasant.

MeL said...

Sara and I have talked more than once about how we want to nominate ourselves to be on What Not to Wear, because then we would know what goes with our skin tones and body types (giantesses), and learn how to do our hair and make up, and oh, did I mention $5000 to spend in NYC? Yes yes, that would be heaven. IN fact, I wish that Stacy, Clinton, Carmendy and Nickorojo (sp? on the last two) would live with me, and make me cute every day. Sighhhhh, that would be the life.

Cute shoes by the way. I have decided that I want to wear flats, especially after a stranger of a small child commented on how tall I was, but I'm nervous to try them out. I also can't justify spending money on shoes sometimes.

Oh, and as far as jeans go, try Charlotte Russe. They are dirt cheap and will make you feel better than Target ones will.

Holl Doll said...

all i have to say here is- We are DEFINATELY sisters. i don't know if i speeled that right. speaking of which the correct Spelling is Nick Arrojo. it's 2 separate namew. call me a smart alic.

Holl Doll said...

and yes after i did this whole spelling lesson i put speeling. ha!

Coree Adams said...

K so...I am thinkin that My and Bry should nominate their beautiful and less fortunate (in the dressing area) wives for TLC's WNTW! Not joking...everyday I take a look at what I wear and I would be a serious candidate, and not sure I could handle the constructive criticism that they would have for me. WOW...but seriously, they should. After they would make us cry and feel < > yay big...we would get over it with the $5k we have to go shopping with. I think it would be a teriffic Christmas Present...a trip to NY and a new wardrobe {slash} hair do and make up makeover. I'M IN!

Becky said...

As USUAL you have me laughing my head off over here! :) Love the post! you are so cute! Love the shoes too! :)

Kylie said...

I LOVE Stacy and Clinton and I just keep waiting for them to show up at my house, because I think my fam might nominate me after seeing the SAME shirt over and over and over (even a 15 year old kid in my ward asked me if I owned any other shirts). Nope. Someday. Ü

Alisse Baldwin said...

K, did you do your h-core shopping at Ross? I was there yesterday (love it!) and everything was reminding me of you/your blog. Including Chloe's leopard print mini-ature seat. I totally picked up all of those shoes, and then thought, "Wait, I think Angie got these, and I don't want her to think I'm copying her." Either way, I think it's dangerous that I my Ross haitus is over.

OurHappyFamily said...

Super cute. . . fyi I have a serious shoe fetish! I love them. . . and you of course :)

McMemories said...

Love the shoes!!!! You are so cute ang! I love Clinton and Stacy!!!!! I just want to hang out with them for a day...oh and have the 5K would just be a perk!wink

Brooke said...

um, i hate clinton and stacy. why does everyone have to wear button down shirts? and what is so wrong with sweat pants?

i love the shoes. good for you-- getting them on clearance and all.

granny said...

Don't you love shoes? They always fit! Haha.

Suzy Cummard said...

If the shoe fits....

Thanks for the laugh & for totally being yourself. You are one of a kind!

I am in love with Chloe!!

cori said...

oh i love friday nights. espesh those kinds. you are one cool chick. bandana and all.

Julie said...

Freakin' hilarious, once again.

AND when was the last time they had anyone over 6ft on that dang show? How am I supposed to know what to wear??? Ü