treasures from the black hole: part 2

item number 1:
a mr. t sticker book.

where this came from?
prolly DAV.
ps...myron saw mr. t @ a mike tyson fight a few years ago.
he was wearing a gold medallion around his neck the size of a dinner plate.
i really wish i could have seen that.
mr. t that is {not the fight.}
"pity da foo."

item number 2:
large amounts of fleece: colors of the irish flag.

myron purchased this a couple of years ago,
requesting that i make him, and i quote:
"an irish blanket of promise."

and yes, i probably will get around to making it one day.
because we are leprachans.
and maybe irish, we don't know.

item number 3:

a large green participation ribbon.

made lovingly for me on my wedding day by my hilarious fam o' cousins, the redds.

and this was the perfect gift because:
i have always said that i want to be buried w/ a green participation ribbon adorning my casket.
representative of my happy life o' extreme averageness.

you see,
i've spent my whole existence being the proud & honorable recipient of green participation ribbons. never a blue. never a red. always a green.

top six trials & tribulations o' my growing up years were:
1. track & field day
2. any kind of oral presentation @ school
3. choir try outs/performances
4. piano recitals = forgetting my piece due to nerves & crying in front of everyone
5. girls pe, as a whole
6. timed multiplication tests

these rough times have since taught me to embrace mediocrity.
blue ribbons are totally over-rated.

item number 4:

my powerpuff girls book of happy thoughts circa '98-'99.

throughout my sophomore year, i kept a running list of happy thoughts.
they were very random.

and are now very entertaining to read.
and surprisingly still, very very accurate.

item number 5:
a three ring binder containing these digital gems
{aka myron lee dunn as kipland ronald dynamite}

hey, remember when myron grew out a mustache for 34.3 days- all in the name of approximately 2.5 hours of fun?
i do.
{props goes to my ridiculously funny husband, who, unlike me, couldn't care less if others judge him for dedicating an entire month & his adorable upper lip to his halloween costume.}

but, just for the record: i'm voting for a costume sans genuine facial hair this year.

{happy wednesday friends}


Lisa said...

i do have to say that your listing of "fast sunday" on your happy thoughts page makes me question your sanity! LOL

and your husband rocks at being kip!!

Mark Dixon said...

Participant you are. Mediocre? I don't think so!


The Kewpie Klan said...

awesome! You always make me laugh...now I have to go get my hubby to see kip...too funny!

Kate said...

I think that letters from you would have made my happy thoughts list back when, now I have the luxury of blog posts! Yay!

Ashlee Osborn said...

I have been stalking your blog as of late, and I must say that you are hilarious! And I have to find my old Buttercream Gang tape tonight, what memories :)

Kaytie Brown said...

Way to be an invention convention winner!! Was that for your remote control device? PURE GENIUS btw!!! I remember you were supposed to sleepover after the convention, but then I got grounded (surprise surprise)cause I left the hot glue gun on after we made toothpick dolls (or something VERY random like that). I LOVE my happy book from HS too. It is SO random, but when ever I rediscover it, it makes me laugh, and happy (hence the name of the book). LOVE YA!!!
P.S. Me "Kaytie"?? When was I g-ma Moses?!?!

Unknown said...

i'm reading this is my computer class & i just laughed out loud... oops! ha ha! myron as kip=the best thing ever! i love your list of happy thoughts! btw... i have a g-ma moses{great grandma} and i love amelia bedilia!

Staci said...

Fun post as always Angie!:) I love your happy thoughts notebook...and yes, they are all still true! And I don't think there could be a better Kip look-a-like! Way to go Myron!

Em said...

Love Myron as Kip Ang! Thanks for the laugh.

cori said...

so fun. love old finds. i love full journals too. its so fun to read, and see "how far i have come" hee hee. kip. i love technology.

Stoddard Studios said...

aw, the buttercream gang! I watched that so many times at my grandmas house growing up. My sisters and I were in love with the boys too. We thought they were so cute. When I watch it now...i think..."What was I thinking?" Good times. Your husband makes an awesome Kip. My husband and I laughed so hard.

Megan said...

1 - I also LOVE LOVE Better Off Dead!
2 - Myron as Kip=AMAZING!!

chris+amber said...

I think everyone will agree with me that you deserve a BLUE ribbon for your blog, your scrapbooking skills, being such a good mom/wife, etc. etc. etc.!!! And, yes, Myron deserves a blue ribbon for being the perfect Kip! LOL...suh-weet 'stache.

chris+amber said...

PS. Love your blog's new look! Too cute, just like you!

Missy said...

What in the...where do you come up with this stuff??? So funny. And I would never classify you as mediocre (sp?). Please. Your husband is the best Kip I have ever seen. And I love the new look of the blog. Perfect.

Chelsea said...

Hey Angie. I was ejoying a good round of blog stalking and came across your blog. I saw it a few months back but was emberessed for stalking. But since then I have accepted that I am a true stalker. So I had to say hi. Your family is so cute and you are the funniest person ever! Thanks for some good reading today!! If you go on my page you can get to my cousin Amanda and Annie's blogs too! Talk to you later! Chelsea (Elmer) Pace

McMemories said...

So i do remember when myron was growing his 'stache!!! HILARIOUSNESS! The best was at church when people were like "who is kip and why does myron want to be him?"
You are so funny and I love reading your posts!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

those kip pictures are pure delight! gosh that was an awesome costume! and that mustache had to have been annoying in real life! but that is rad! timed tests truly scarred me for life! love the participation ribbon! serious treasures you have there!

Coree Adams said...

I could laugh about this post for hours. Mr T...Myron's stache...leprechans...LOL Wowsers. So I love the new blog look! Super cute.

Stephanie said...

Angie, you are great! I couldnt help but laugh out loud at the pics of Myron as Kipp. I so remember that, Classic. Thanks for the laughs, you awsome!!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

So maybe when we thought we saw the real Kip at the library, it was really your husband ignoring us?

Kaytie Brown said...

It's all coming back to me... Tonya Harding, g-ma Moses (i'm pretty sure i had baby powder in my hair all day, so spandex isn't bad). Yes, I have the dino and egg pillow residing in a bin w/ a lot of other stuffed animals. My mom found it like a month ago and insists i keep it. Your pillow was SO much better than mine btw. I think mrs. Allred just felt sorry for the little creature I created.

Brooke said...

i'm giving you the proverbial (and yet invisible) blue ribbon for that "happy thoughts" notebook alone.

and your scrap booking layouts? are you kidding? blue ribbon all the way.