our family vacation

instead of taking yearly family vacations, us dunns take a monthly trip to costco.

and inevitably/unfortunately spend as much as we would on a three day stay @ disneyworld.

k, perhaps that's a huge exaggeration, but it sure seems like it sometimes.

just a few reasons we love costco:

1. pepsi in large happy quantities
2. 96 nature valley granola bars for $9.56
3. chloe's christmas:
one stop shop
polishes-n-soda $1.50 combo for dinner
5. they carry gain detergant in super size
6. & the best baby wipes invented
7. one hour photo,
or if 'burn is there, 20 minute photo
my cute bright bowls that i love & make me feel like racheal ray
9. the book section
wholesome family recreation

{happy tuesday peeps}


Jamie said...

I too made a "trip" to Costco today. It was also a small fortune!

•stephanie• said...

you forgot their awesome ribbon. how could you?

Marie said...

My brother, Jared, introduced me to this website mint.com. It's amazing. It tells you where all of you money goes, and analyzes your spending trends.

Good/bad news, Costco was my "favorite" store with the most frequents and the most money spent.

A shockingly large amount of money.

Like a 3 day stay at Disney World amount of money. I didn't realize I had it in me. The money, that is.

chris+amber said...

I should start Christmas shopping. Thanks for the reminder! You're on the ball! My mom would be proud of me...I did stock up on ONE roll of Christmas wrapping paper and A spool of ribbon. You should see her gift-wrapping stash!

chris+amber said...

PS...I got the wrapping paper & ribbon from Costco, by the way.

Unknown said...

everytime i go to costco with my mom, she tells me she's never taking me again cause i always find things that we "need"! that place is seriously bad news for my wallet! i also love the movie selection, great deals! and you can get t.v. series for way cheap too! i could go on & on, i just love it!

Staci said...

Don't forget the delicious samples!:)

Em said...

I wish it was only a monthly trip for me I have been to Costco every monday for the last 3 mondays. Don't ask me how much I've spent at Costco. I used to go every 2 weeks for milk but it is too expensive to buy milk there now.

Coree Adams said...

man we REALLY need to get a costco card so we can have fun family time together like the Dunn's do. :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Julie Jan said...

I totally have to agree with you..Costco rocks!! We love our family outing there. I love the double shopping carts so I can put both up front!!

kacee said...

the costco is like 2 minutes from my house and I frequent it a couple times a week! YIKES!

Ummm yeah...the spending patterns are still outrageous - the worse is when I need wipes AND diapers for BOTH kids.($100+) and that usually means no mag/book treat for me :(

Stoddard Studios said...

I need to get a Cosco membership. I love so many of their things. Rolls, cakes, taquitos, etc. One day...

Crazymamaof6 said...

i feel you on the love of costco! seems like lately i drop 300 bucks once a week there! insane! actually it is more like 300 once a month and a hundred every week. still!i personally dig on the churro! almost as delightful as Disneyland and the pizza is fab too! except what is with
the lack of Dr. pepper? LAME! i started an uprising at the gilbert one when it happened! peeved beyond all reason! dig your post! and seriously love the GAIN! whoohooo!