good news: my family of three hasn't died due to stomach flu related illness.
bad news: i'll hafta post my babylicious project tomorrow.

for those of you waiting patiently to see the album so you know what pictures to bring on friday, never fear, i should have all 24 layouts {12 girl/12 boy} posted before you wake up.

{unless you're my dad, 'cause he wakes up @ like three.}

happy tuesday friends!


amy mo said...

That totally stinks you guys all got sick! I wish I had babies so I could copy your pages & make my own. I'll just have to save the ideas for 5 years.

cori said...

thanks for email. you are the best!

Unknown said...

Hello! This may be weird, but I am Kacee's little bro- Chad's best friend and he told me to check out your blog... so I did :)

I was wondering if these cute kits you make are available here in Utah or if it is something you can only get in AZ and have to go to the class for? I really want to get back into scrapbooking!!

Amy said...

Ok so stinking cute! I can't wait till Nicole gets back to Arizona and we can go to some of your classes!
I love this idea and you put it together SO WELL!
Thanks for sharing!