reasons why i fall deeper in love every single day:

{just to name a few}

he is the most genuinely real person i know.

he is also the funniest, by far.

he is just kidding 96.9% of the time.

he often worries whether his chloe’s feet are cold.

he doesn’t believe in shaving on the weekends.

he can figure out how to fix/rig anything.

he pulls out all the stops to help me when i am stressed.

he knows all the words to leo the lion.

he has integrity.

he is honest.

he is good.

he is a big fan of rap music.

he knows the scriptures.

he calls my mom clodhopper.

he sprays and squeegees the shower daily.

he says it like it is.

he loves just sitting & talking with his grandpa.

he has a deep love for his parents & sisters.

he picked out all the pink & red starbursts & put {only} those colors in my stocking.

he cooks. like, yummy meals. like, every night.

he buys me pink chuck taylors instead of red roses for valentines day.

he dances with our daughter every day, because he wants to.

he makes me feel safe and accepts me for who i am inside.

he mops, if i sweep first.

he is a very hard worker.

he wants to be a cage fighter.

he likes to search out the perfect gifts for people online.

he could beat you in a pepsi drinking contest.

he gets the best bargains and most rockin’ deals.

he has lengthy conversations with his daughter, in chloe-language.

he is her hero.

he is my absolute everything.


babe, thanks for being born.

i know it’s not your birthday or anything…

just wanted you {and my blogfriends} to know that i very much appreciate that you exist.

happy weekend!



Mark Dixon said...

That is what eternal families are made of.

Coree Adams said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww that was extremely precious and even made my love for Myron grow while reading it. MISS YOU GUYS TOO MUCH!

•stephanie• said...

wow . . . what a nice tribute. and i believe every word of it. i'm happy that your family is so happy. you don't even know how rare that is in today's world. cherish it!

ForeverSarahLee said...

That is OH SO SWEET Angie... I love it!
And I am SO happy that he makes you that happy. It must be LOVE!

Marie said...

Great post! I love that everything is true on there. Including "he wants to be a cage fighter." You compliment each other beautifully!

Unknown said...

Oh and I am ever so happy you are both ever so happy!
this is so like my Juan and only!
I am glad there are these type of men in this world! Rare is the word!
You have a nice day and weekend!

Unknown said...

that is the cutest post! i love that myron is such a sweetie & does the cutest things for you & chloe! {and i would also love pink chucks for v-day, that sounds like an awesome present!}

Em said...

All I have to say is Ahh! And what an awesome husband. He mops the floor?

cori said...

oh i wish i could babysit the little chlo' so you could go out with your guy. that was so sweet to read. i just love that you love your boyfriend. and i think he is the coolest to buy you chuck taylor's instead of roses. i would rather have weeds than roses. there is something about a rose, that isn't me. and i love that out of the clear blue you just posted and confessed your love for him. i love that you did this. oh my. this was sweeet. and i will leave you two lovebirds alone now.

Emily Moffat said...

What a sweet tribute. I love to hear wives brag on their husbands. I think the world could do with a little more of that. Hey, aren't you coming up on your 5 year in May? Congrats!

Jamie said...

♥ahh . . . tender♥

Kaytie Brown said...

Pink chuck taylors instead of red roses for valentines day?!?! What an AWESOME boy!!

chris+amber said...

You scored an awesome hubby, fo' sho'! That pic of him & Bow is priceless. Myron's parents raised him well! I want just red & pink Starbursts too! :o) Is Myron into UFC?

Stoddard Studios said...

What a cute picture and what nice words.

Chelsea said...

Cute. So sweet Angie. You guys are adorable. All 3! :)

Chelsea said...

I mean 4. Sorry Mr. Miyagi.

Laura Blue said...

*tear* that is so sweet ang. That truly brought tears to my eyes. You are such a good mother and wonderful wife. Those two sure do love you and I KNOW you love them. That was such a sweet post. You're fab!

amy mo said...

So cute. This makes me excited to get married.

granny said...

We pretty much adore this boy as well. I thought I posted a comment on this blog a couple of days ago. Must have hit the wrong button. Ahhh, I'm so techno-dull.

Steph (and Bryant) said...

You never fail me!! Thanks for your amazing posts! azholmesadventures.blogspot.com

katie said...

no, I hadn't heard of that blog. Thanks for sharing it! It sounds yummy!

The Candlands said...

Hey my oh so famous bloggin' buddy! I just got my new 2008 CK Special Issue and there's a pic of you and your stinkin' cute off-spring on page 35! Lovin' it!

Kylie said...

Yea for good husbands (especially those who pick out all the pink and red starbursts for stockings! That would score major points with me)!!