silver lining.

blogging's kinda taken the back burner this past week,
{if ya haven't noticed.}

but, i think we can all agree that chloe & her cute new get-up deserved [at least] a week's worth of blog air-time.

not gonna lie, my life is sorta kickin' my trash lately.
until it slows down, you can prolly expect just short-n-sweet tid-bits o' this bliggity-blogger.

i have tags to respond to, comments to make, emails to reply to, and lotsa future post ideas...but oh-so-little {free} computer time.

i must say that even though things are a little busier around these parts than i'd prefer, i can't help but acknowledge that i'm blessed beyond reason & ever so grateful that time marches on. silver lining can surely always be found, even if it takes you fifteen minutes to think of a list of 7.

tonight i am most thankful for:

1. a helpful husband
2. a growing girl
3. the juno soundtrack
4. my bathtub
5. midnight pomegratate flavored bubbles
5. two-point-five tylonol
6. a nine o' clock bedtime
7. that tomorrow is indeed, another day.

{happy monday blogworld}
catch ya on the flipside...


Unknown said...

i like the juno sound track too!!! thanks for the great quote, love it!

Jackie said...

I have decided that checking blogs has become my new addiction. Every day I log on to see who has new posts. So when there isn't any, I check about every couple of hours and pray you all are there to enlighten my life. I love so much reading about everyone. I agree - Chloe deserved a week!! :)
I will see you next week at Season's of Love!

runningfan said...

I've missed you! You've gotta fill me in on the latest paper project...

Bonnie said...

Megan's mom again. You post the best things! Love the quote - and yes - tomorrow IS always another day. Someday I will come with Megan and meet you. That will make me smile!

Michelle said...

I agree, bow's new digs warranted a week at the top - but have to admitted I still checked like 4 times a day and missed you TERRIBLY!!!

But I'll never be one to nag about updates...seeing as I never update myself :)

Kaytie Brown said...

LOVE YOU ANG!!! "I will try AGAIN tomorrow" is the theme of my life...

reddladybug said...

still no word on us being neighbors. :(

amanda p. said...

seriously I LOVE ya girl. Emily told me she was talkin to you the other night at SBEtc. about life and stuff. Isn't life the best? I love feeling out of control and on a roller coaster and not knowing what to do about it. :) I've found the best thing to do is smile and remember that things can only go up. AND THEY WILL :) Way to have the cutest/most inspirational posts evah!

Unknown said...

Love the courage quote. Thanks!

Amy said...

Great quote. :)

Chelsea said...

You are the best! Even when you have only a few minutes to post it outbeats all other blogs! :)

sandalloons40 said...

I am going to post on my blog tomorrow this very exciting find on my route that I can't pull up of coarse, but, I am going to take a photos tomorrow morning with the quote on the bottom. This is what I love the most plus calendars. So, check on my blog tomorrow if you have a chance ok? And today I leave you with:

Four Leaf Clover
By Ella Higginson (born in 1861)

I know a place where the sun is like gold
And the cherries bloom forth in the snow;
And down underneath is the loveliest place,
Where the four-leaf clovers grow.

One leaf is for FAITH,
And one is for HOPE,
And one is for LOVE you know;
And GOD put another in for LUCK:
If you search you will find where they grow.

But you must have FAITH,
And you must have HOPE,
You must LOVE and be strong and so...
If you work and you wait,
You will find the place
Where the FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS grow!

Laura Blue said...

you could maybe do a dessert or appitizer(sp?) i'll keep you posted though. and it's next wednesday night

Alisse Baldwin said...

K, seriously glad you posted. Sorry that your life is non-stop hectic, but girl- you wear it well! You're always the nicest comment-er evah, and I love to see your words. How did your scentsy party go?? I hope it was fun! Get some rest, and take a breather because yes- tomorrow's another day!

Patterson Family said...

Yay for the whole courage quote! I needed that because today my house looks like crap and my kids destroyed their room during nap time instead of sleeping. So of course I feel like crap and haven't been real nice. I will definately be better tommorow because I just decided to blow it all off until then!

cori said...

angieinpink...hoorah!!!love ya!

Jenn said...

I heart you too {don't know how to make the little heart}. and I love the quote on your fridge!