{theme for the week}

been thinkin' a lot about this scripture lately.
{and how it pertains to my life.}

ya know, just been thinkin' about how the state/organization of my surroundings deeply effects the way i feel & function.

or in other words:

organized space=calm, kind angie

messy space=stressed out, crazy angie

so, chlo' & i have been dedicating my week off to organizing our little abode.

it's been super liberating the past few days just puttering around with my girl, gettin' er done.

boxing up.
throwing out.
DI-ing like crazy.
loving every minute of it.

{updates tomorrow}

happy thursday!


Marilyn said...

Angie-I LOVE that layout/scripture display...one of my fav scriptures too..

Kim said...

Good luck with the organizing! I've been thinking about it too. It will definitely lead to a calmer life.

mom of fab five said...

cute scripture--wow you were up early or went to bed really late--bet you are ignoring the alarm this morning?! I love when things are organized--i am moving in that direction as well. A bigger house is nice but more space=more stuff. And more kiddos equals--yah, you get the pic. Have fun--I know i will.

Leigh Ann

Kaelene said...

Ya, that de-cluttering thing can be a BIG chore! I started doing that on Monday, and haven't had time to finish! So, I can relate to your feelings of crabbiness when not organized!

Laura Blue said...

oh, i just LOVE organizing! it makes me feel so good and accomplished when i'm all done. have fun cleaning with little chloe at your side. guess you're teacher her well. lol enjoy

Coree Adams said...

That's precisely how I'm feeling right now. 99% of it comes from not loving our place of residence and ready to move to a bigger better place. Crossin our fingers! I hear ya girl, I've been pinesolin away today. I only hope that my day will be near as productive as yours. Thanks for giving me the desire to get off my duff and back to cleaning. xoxo

cori said...

i think you should go "etsy" and sell your stuff. i would buy that for like $20.00. seriously. and since we are friends, maybe i could get a friend discount? seriously. think about all the cute stuff you do. you would be sold OUT 'round the clock... we should of discussed this yesterday at lunch/potty training hour.

love, cori

Jamie said...

Good for you!

Be sure to show us some of your progress.

Sassy said...

I L♥VE THAT PAGE!!!!! So cute! Purging...yeah I think that's what you call what I'm in the middle of as well. Good luck with yours my friend.

The Wizzle said...

I love it - that scripture is practically COMMANDING me to browse the Container Store and putter around my house making everything tidy and beautiful. I hope you're loving every minute!

Chell said...

So glad you guys had a good time with the organising...I am the same with my surroundings, if its messy I feel as though my head is messy and I cant think!
Oh, and I LOVE your scrapbooking techniques, you're so talented!

mademoisellechitchat said...


You should sell some of your pages on etsy; I would most definitely purchase them.

Please check out the comment that I placed in my blog for you. It's a lickity slip album question.

The*Evans*Family said...

Every time I look at your blog I think - Angie is the best! What a great post. Will you be down at the store on Saturday!? We will be Super Saturday Scrapfesting all day long.

Amanda Jane said...

I feel the exact same way! If things are cluttery I feel cluttery! I love your stuff too, it's so cute.

Brimley Family said...

So true! Decluttering is the best. I can't stand clutter. I love to clean and then sit down and stare at how clean everything is! You and Chloe are so cute, I love the pic of you kissing her cheek!

Amy said...

O.K. As ever,SO inspired by you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and the idea behind it. You rock!!
Thanks for the sweet words.
See you soon.

KP Photography said...

Yeah! Good for you!

mademoisellechitchat said...


Is you still amongst the LIVING?!

Miss ya!

Bonnie said...

Megan's mom here again. This post made me want to COMPLETELY trash my house and start over. Once again, you hit the nail on the head. One of these days I'm going to come with Megan and actually meet you. For now - I'll just have to settle for reading your cute blog. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!!

Staci said...

OH...De-cluttering is one of the greatest feelings ever! It's usually a lot more work than I ever want to do on a daily basis...but it feels SO good after you do it! We've been selling our junk on craigslist like crazy lately & it has been SO NICE to get some extra money AND get more space at the same time!!!

Ali said...

I need one of those!

sandalloons40 said...

Where are you my blogging buddy??
I missed you for 7 days now?
You look adorable!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Wish I had my own space again to "de-clutter". Lol! I totally am the same way, organized = happy Sarah!

So I went and saw "Baby Mama" on Saturday. I laughed, it was hilarious. BUT in Cali I went & saw "What Happens In Vegas" and that was even funnier. Hilarious!