{copied this cute idea from amy's blog!}

*8 current obsessions...

1. myron lee dunn.
2. chloe & chloe jr.
3. making lists like this one.
4. happy news.
5. fresh halloween candy. {nerds, sweet tarts: things of that nature.}
6. constructing a planA, planB, planC, planD, etc. for our little life.
7. politics, current events, & hating the media.
8. chapters 16,18,19,21,22 & 27 of the dvd ps: i love you. {denny duquette + gerard butler + this song = i'm in love.}

*8 words or phrases i use often...

1. i’m sorry.

2. aw, tender.
3. kill me. {in a sarcastic voice.}
4. oh, okay. {also sarcastic}
5. what ep?

6. crap.

7. thanks dawg.
8. we’ll see! {i say that a lot lately…}

*8 things i want to do before i die...

1. give birth a couple/few more times & watch my kiddies grow.

2. pull a mark dixon. {aka be a weight-loosing rockstar.}

3. go to lunch with kaytie & anja when i’m 92.
4. develop a green thumb & create a full-functioning garden.
5. take an amazing trip somewhere with my man.

6. discover how to balance time, work & play a tad bit better.

7. share the gospel.

8. learn my lessons.

*8 things i have learned from my past...

1. that perms are sometimes a bad idea.

2. that i rarely regret being nice, but i always regret being mean.

3. that feeling chubby & secure is much better than feeling super skinny & insecure.
4. that people will show you their good side if you wait long enough.

5. that i want a c-section with baby number 2.
6. that being a bank teller = stomach ulcers.

7. that opening a booth @ old school coomers doesn’t pay the bills.
8. that eating a slice o' white bread and a 32 oz. pepsi from the bread basket every morning for three years straight will make you gain 30-ish lbs.

*8 places i would love to go or see..

1. disneyland with the chlo’.

2. moon palace ala cancun with my.

3. bartles house in CO.
4. myron’s mission. {TN & KY}.

5. a weekend in sedona.
6. boston!
7. american fork canyon breakfast with my grandma & grandpa.
8. hobby lobby {still haven't been!}

*8 things i currently need or want...

1. a visit from matt’s power carpet cleaning co.

2. clear skin.
3. a few new fall/winter outfits for chloe.
4. a brake job on the camry. {or else i literally, might die.}
5. energy & motivation to be productive.
6. a romantic night out with my man.
7. a temple session.
8. pushing daisies season uno on dvd.


{happy october!}


Claire said...

Oh my goodness! You've never been to Hobby Lobby??? I'm going tomorrow (or Friday). I will think of you while I'm there. But go there soon... it rocks!

Anonymous said...

Love this Tag!!!!

and i tell ya what...

when you are ready to do #4 under

... you can stay with us!!!!

we live right smack dab on the border of TN & KY... right where your hubby served his mission!

Kaytie Brown said...

Lunch at 92?? I'm SO there!! Perms??? That really makes me laugh. And the "Moon palace" sounds FREAKING awesome!


Kaelene said...

I love this tag, and plan to copy it someday! Just not right now, because I have done a LOT of those lately!

heather said...

i always enjoy your lists.

and isn't pushing daisies so fun? my favorite is when olive breaks into song. love it.

Chelsea said...

I was thinking of you last night (of course in a not creapy way) when Pushing Daisies started. I hope you got your fix of Ned and friends.
And about the perm....move to Texas and you would want one. ;) Actually, move to Texas because Hobby Lobby is on every wonderful corner. Love that place. Hope the Az one is just as amazing when you get to go!

Amy said...

LOVE it! And love the super cute pic of you guys!
Hape you have a fab fall day!

Sassy said...

I ♥ this..you always make me smile and you need to go to Hobby Lobby...you would like it...I will have to try this tag sometime...it's one that makes you have to think....HOW ARE YOU FEELIN' MY FRIEND?

Stoddard Studios said...

Very cute. I always love your posts. They always put a smile on my face. So, I'm sure I'll be visiting your blog alot in the next few months. I'm going to need things to cheer me up :)

The Roberts Family said...

"Moon palace" .. ok i want to go!!! i might need to copy and paste this on my page!

when you and My want to go out just drop off chloe any time!! :)

S and B H. said...

How are you feelin' Angie? I totally understand sickness...are you still?? The family picture is adorable--you look great!

Unknown said...

Wow, that is neat, I think I may try this ok? I have so much to put down just answering yours.

And you look great!

Laurie said...

Love the list, Angie! You are awesome!

katie said...

you are uh-dora-ble!

i love this idea, i'm totally going to copy it from you, okay?

i think it's funny that you know your favorite chapters of that dvd. i'll have to rent it, it must be good.

i wish i had clear skin too.

and hobby lobby is awesome! i'm going there soon.


oh! ps- if you take chloe to disneyland, go during their off-season. like october or february [not the weekend closest valentine's day though]are the best times. it's dead practically and you have like a 30 minute wait for their big rides, and like a 5 or 10 minute wait for all the others. if you check their website, it says when their off-season is, too.

MeL said...

Um, I'm glad we're friends, and I think I'll leave a million thoughts here...

I like the fact that you have plans A-D and would like to hear more about them. That sounds like my brain.

The Coomers and bank teller comments made me laugh. When I do crap like I that I think, Why do I even try new things? Not worth it.

I'm also wondering if a slice of bread and Pepsi is equivalent to the Rice Krispy Treat and Diet Pepsi that I have for breakfast every morning. Sighhhh, only time will tell, and I think I'm right on track.

Oh, and I thought you said Moon Place, and then I forgot to read the rest, and I thought you wanted to go to the moon. I'm really smart.

Oh yeah, and I think you're really cute and very funny. The comment of yours about tattooing that talk on your forearm made me laugh really hard. That's all. Have a fun day!

Kim said...

Cute post! I can't believe you still haven't went to Hobby Lobby. We should plan a little trip together.

Bryce is doing fine. His foot hurt that night and a little the next day. It wasn’t to bad compared to other stores I’ve heard. It was a really small scorpion and they were nice enough to save it on the counter for me to see. YUK!

Chell said...

Cute cute cute post!

Did you cry as much as I did when Denny died and Izzy lay on his bed crying in her prom dress?

I sobbed.

For awhile.

Terribly foolish, I know :)

mademoisellechitchat said...

As usual, The Bow looks adorable. ;)

Why don't you try some freelance work for Hallmark? ;)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

I am going to pick up my kits today - FINALLY. My Fall Break begins at 11:25am SHARP. I will be out of hte door by 12pm SHARP.

Kelsey said...

hehehe too true about the bread basket. and i LOVE pushing daisies too! can't wait for it to start again! ah oh and this was super cute if i could think of that much stuff i may have to steal the idea!

Brimley Family said...

I was so surprised to hear this song on your blog! I have it on mine too! I fell in love with this song after seeing "P.S. I love you!" Have you seen that movie? I love it!

The Wizzle said...

Eve really likes your blog song. :) Whatever it is! I'll have to make her a CD.

Unknown said...

Ok, I sooo agree on #8 of the obsessions. I won't watch that movie with my hunny because he laughs at me when I rewind and watch the really "good" parts again. That, and I'm afraid he'd cry more than me.

The Parkers said...

Dangit! I was logged in as him. That was me, Al.

Katie & Ryun said...

haha the bread basket! i knew there was a reason why I didn't drink soda. but we have Great Harvest here in Provo...pretty sure I ate almost an entire loaf of cinnamon pull apart bread by myself this weekend. mmm... bread is my weakness.

Katie & Ryun said...

haha the bread basket! i knew there was a reason why I didn't drink soda. but we have Great Harvest here in Provo...pretty sure I ate almost an entire loaf of cinnamon pull apart bread by myself this weekend. mmm... bread is my weakness.

Katie & Ryun said...

haha the bread basket! i knew there was a reason why I didn't drink soda. but we have Great Harvest here in Provo...pretty sure I ate almost an entire loaf of cinnamon pull apart bread by myself this weekend. mmm... bread is my weakness.

Unknown said...

I'm Priscila, from Bella Vista ward. I hope you don't mind me browsing your blog. I've added you to my list - feel free to add us to yours. Last Sunday we had church I was sitting next to you and your daughter outside the chapel (that might help you remember). I didn't know you were pregnant - congratulations!!! That is really exciting!!!
I hope we can get to know each other better!

Anonymous said...

love your blog it is so well done and not like some i can't stand to read-i love to read yours :)