this small town girl needs your help.


Thank you SO so SO much for your help, suggestions, emails, sweet comments, phone calls, & offers to network for our little fam! Lots of things need to fall into place for our potential move & you're helping us out a ton! Thank you, thank you!

In answer to some of your questions: We're not really sure when this will all go down. Still in the very beginning stages. It'll either happen really fast, like before I'm about to pop. Or it will happen post-babe. Or there's still a chance we'll chill here for a while.

Also: My kind & generous boss has agreed to let me travel down every so oft & teach classes. Scrapbooks, Etc. {the best store} will still be a part of my life & I am not leaving you. (:

Oh & Myron told me for a day that small towns don't have the internet, and I maybe believed him.
So I thought I'd have to quit blogging. But, as it turns out, he was kidding. So...I shall keep blogging & recording my randomnicity all the live long days.

Happy watching the office tonight!
*Sleep tight.

many of you are aware that our little fam is {toying} with the idea of moving to safford-ish, arizona.

aside from the sheer {thought} of missing our families & friends, we are actually really excited about this {possible} upcoming adventure.

our plan {or one of our plans} is to rent our current casa out & then either buy or rent a place out east for us to live there for the next few years while myron goes through his program.

we are actively searching for a place, have found a few possibilities & have a great realtor, but we are asking {slash pleading} for your help!

*do you know of anyone that is renting a house/place/doublewide, whatever in the safford/thatcher area?

*do you know of any small cute fixer-uppers that are for sale in those parts?

our criteria is:
a. cheap
b. cheap
c. cheap
{and if it wasn't close to a bar or prison, that would be cool too.}

us dunns: we have elbow grease. and we work well together on home improvement projects. it doesn't really need to be the taj mahal.

just lookin' for a place to hang our hats/hearts for a little while.

if anyone *knows of a place, or *knows of a cute little non-smokin' fam w/ no cats that wants to rent our 4 bed/2.5 bath gilbert home, would you mind giving me a hollar back, yo?


muchos gracias!!


katie said...

you're moving?! you can't move! because jake/jennie, my mom/dad, and [eventually] me/steven are all moving to oregon/washington soon... and if you leave, that means anja/william will be all alone!

mmm... i guess it would be cool if you moved and were able to see your hubby everyday. so... good luck.

[sorry we don't know anyone in either situation... we could've rented your house if you would've asked a month ago... we just renewed our lease for a year]


Claire said...

I forwarded your link to a friend of mine who has lots of family and friends in that area... they were just down there last weekend in fact. Don't know if anything will come of it, but figured I would offer what I could! :D Good luck!

The Roberts Family said...

I'm crying right now, I don't want you guys to go! I know it's what's best for you but what about me? lol not kidding! I will be so sad! Anyways grandma or grandpa might know some people down there. Have you guys talked to everyone down there? Well we love you and will miss you guys!

kacee said...

My sis-in-law's sister lives in thatcher...I will send her an email to see if she has any info on what you might need!

Em said...

Jeff's cousin lives down there... I'll ask them since they are into the whole loan biz and look at properties all the time down there. I don't know anyone looking to rent though. I'll miss you.

runningfan said...

Hey, you adventurous soul! Good luck with all this crazy business! I wish you the best. Love ya.

heather said...

Wish I could help you out there, but no dice.
Best of luck though!

Marisa and Rob said...

Hey, I will ask my mom and other people for you. Sorry I was no help last time.

Marisa and Rob said...

Hey it's me agian, my aunt is going to call me tonight. She works for a realtor, (my mom's sister Patty Burrell) If she has something on one of my mom's property for rent or whatever would you like me to give her your number or tell you what she says? Let me know

Colette Goodman said...

When is this happening and will you be shipping page kits?

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie :)
SPencer's family is in AZ so we can see if they know of anything & i'll let you know! ♥

Emmy Z. said...

What program is Myron doing?

You'll be within driving distance of your fam, which is great! As much as I love my new home, and feel like it's the right place for this time of our lives, it's a bummer that we can only see our families once or twice a year.

Good luck with your adventure! Sounds like you have exciting things coming your way!

mademoisellechitchat said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Angie! You CANNOT move!!!!!!!!! :( Scrapbooks Etc will never be the same! I LIVE for your classes!!!! Seriously, Angie, I wish you, Myron, and Chloe the absolute best. You have been SUCH a blessing to me over the past 2 years.

Keep us posted.

Love ya MUCH!

Billie said...

Dear Miss Angie,
I don't care if you move to be with your boyfriend more because that's not the kind of relationship you and I have! But I only care that you keep blogging because your blogs lift and encourage me to do better and be better! You are an amazing person! When you said (in the last post) that you were only 25 I nearly fell off the chair because you have wisdom and spirit beyond your years!
Good luck in all you do and I hope that your situation all works out best for your family!! Take care of yourself and your babies :o). And please don't stop blogging!

Unknown said...

Oh don't leave! I would miss you also but, I am happy for whatever you are doing. I am no help with relocating and wish you luck with someone giving you some advice.
Take care and when do you expect this to happen? By when?
I know much be hard to be without your hubby as I know it is hard when mine leaves on business also.

Kaelene said...

I realize that you must do what you must do, for the best for your family, but PLEASE don't leave the blogging world, too, okay??? We would miss you too much!
And hey, if Leslie can commute from Utah, for her classes, doesn't that mean that commuting from Safford, for you, would be no biggie???

J-mama said...

Hi, thanks for the comment! I think it would be so exciting for you guys to move to that area! I'll keep my ears open for any hookups for you in both places. Will we see you this weekend? If not, let us know when you are planning a trip and we will make a special one just to see you! It is nice to get to know you a bit better through the blogs!

Sassy said...

OHHHHHHHHHH! My sweet sweet friend...you would be so missed...thank dang goodness for blogging...it keeps everybody so close and I ♥ it! Phillip's fam is all from the Safford area and we have friends in Pima...I will do some checking for ya...it's not good to be alone and you need to be close to Myron and Chloe needs her Daddy and with the baby coming it is better to be together...I am sad of not bumbing into you at Scrapbooks...but this is best for the fam...just know in your ♥ of ♥'s HOW MUCH I ♥ YOU!!!!!

Sassy said...

BUMBING?????? What the heck? Bumping my friend bumping...

Beth Curtis said...

you know you are breaking my little heart when you talk like this! I am so sad to see you go but I am happy for the opportunities for you. Just as long as you come back!!! I love that Myron told you there was no internet. That is totally something I would believe!

The Parkers said...

Yay!!! Call me when you're up today! 203-422-2022

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie :)
I love your update!!


BELIEVE ME...if MY TOWN can have internet, then your new small town will, too! ha ha!!!

Marisa and Rob said...

How funny about the Internet!!! :) If you look at it Thatcher really has grown alot in the past year, soon it won't be a "Small Town" :) I wish I could move back home!! I always look forward to going home though :) I'm going next weekend so I will talk to my mom and aunt and let you know if they have anything or if anyone else has something. :) If you do move there, I wil be down there often so we will have to come by and see ya. Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

All I can say is :(

Coree Adams said...

K shame on Myron for lying to you and shame on you for believing him!! lol I will be so sad when/if you move. But it gives us a reason to leave this city to come down and see you and your chickens! :) Love you guys!

Emily Moffat said...

Hello!! Congrats on baby number 2!! That's wonderful! Best of luck with your plans. Keep us posted, I know you will.

Stoddard Studios said...

wow, that's cool you could be moving. Sounds fun and exciting. Good luck finding a place.

BTW, I went to a singles ward last week {yeah..weird..} and your bro was the teacher during sunday school. You guys are SOOOO related. I could totally see the resemblance in looks and personality. It was cute. He gave a really good lesson.