my life

this week has been dedicated to finding a renter.

*phones been ringin' off the hizzity-hook.
*been havin' some peeps come & take a look-see.
*busy updating my craigslisty every-so-oft.
*preparing to peace out of gilbert.

we aren't really in a hurry.

[but i'm sure ready to find our little housey a soul mate.]


{happy tuesday!}


katie said...

man... have i ever told you that i think your house is one of the cutest i've ever been in?! i totally wish i could rent it... but we may not be in AZ much longer...

so good luck with everything!

The Wizzle said...

Well, it looks perfectly adorable in the photos - I don't know who wouldn't want to live there! I hope you find your little house a new resident soon. I sure do know that feeling of limbo, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone for long!

Marisa and Rob said...

Love you cute house!!! Hope you find someone soon :) Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Why couldn't this house be in Ahwatukee. . . :(

Brandis said...

Could you please send your little cleaning fairies over to my house? I like the way they've made yours sparkle. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, that is surely nice. I never had a house like that ever!
Well, I mean I happy with anything and new sounds too nice for me. LOL
I am strange, I know.
Ok, well hope something happens soon for you all!
I bet you dont' know if you are putting up lights or not huh?
Oh my.

The*Evans*Family said...

Your house is just darling! You'll find renters in no time!

amy mo said...

Holy gorgeous! I'll rent it from you! Wait, I can't pay in monopoly money?? How about a year supply of mani/pedis a la Amy? No? Dangit. Well, good luck finding a renter then :)

Chell said...

You guys have such a gorgeous place! Wow! Im with Amy on this one..if I can pay in Monopoly money I am on my way! :)

Shar Rundio said...

Angie, your house looks too cute! The Realtor in me recommends a website for you to post your house to as well. It is: www.postlets.com. It will syndicate to all kinds of different sites and also allows you to easily copy/paste the HTML created for your listing into Craig's List (which allows for more personalization and additional pics). Check it out and let me know how it works for you! Best of luck finding a soul mate for your cute home!

Emily Moffat said...

I want it! It's beautiful! Is it portable? Can I move it where I am? Good luck finding the lucky occupants!

angiedunn said...

thanks guys for your comments!

and shar: i'm totally all about lookin' into postlets....thanks for the tip! we appreciate it!