gettin' the [moving] ball rolling!

[well] it’s officially official.

our sweet lil housey is [finally] up for rent!

{we’re dointhis thing!}

got it all up & posted on good olcraigslist & everything.

i am packin’ my bags, cleaning like crazy & livin’ in the secret that we’ll find the perf tenant in no time!

[if you’re in the mood: spread the word

to those whom may be interested.]

{'preciate it.}

*peace out gilbert.

*hello new home.

[wherever you are.]

{happiest monday!}


granny said...

That cute house will miss you. (Not to mention the peeps in this here house.)


cute house! and i hope you find some GOOD RENTERS really really soon!!!!!

heather said...

are you going through a property manager?? We did because we realized we were going to be so far away -and doing things like making sure they were keeping everything nice and collecting rent checks might have been a little difficult. We love our property manager -he's done a great job for us and our friends. AND he found a renter for us in less than a month -which given the neighborhood and the market was honestly nothing short of a miracle. Let me know if you want me to pass on his name to you. :)

Kaelene said...

I'm still sad that you must leave us, but can too well relate to WHY! Good luck with the renting situation! ♥

Marisa and Rob said...

Were going to miss you guys, but we will see you around in Thatcher, when we come visit!! Have you found any thing to rent or buy there yet? My mom told me that they might have a opening on one of their rentals soon. I don't know if Myron still has my Aunts number, but he could call and ask....just a thought. :)

m = michelle said...

happy for you
sad for me.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wizzle said...

Wahoo! I hope Craigslist is kind to you.

Loved your post about not stressing so much, BTW. I haven't checked blogs for a few days because I'm fiddling endlessly with making my blog prettier and all my links went bye-bye. But it was a good one. :)

Laura Blue said...

have you talked to my mom? they're looking for a new place. good luck!

Emmy Z. said...

I hope your move goes smoothly and you find a great place to live! It'll be an adventure, but believe me, it could be one of the BEST adventures of your life!

The Parkers said...

love your house...good luck with finding a renter...I hope it goes smoothly and you find someone fast

Unknown said...

I'll miss you also!
But the good thing is, you aren't leaving state, and so your parents and family won't be that sad(hopefully)! And of coarse your friends(like ME) LOL.
I wish you the best always as you have to take care of what is 100% important. Of coarse we all learned that so long ago.
You must be by your hubby as Families are first.
take care and hope to give you a
{Huggie} soon!

Sassy said...

I'M SAD! Change stinks even if it is for the best!----m--m----I'll hang on with out you...you just better check in now and then!!!! Good luck finding just the very best renters who will ♥ your home like you do.

Ashley said...

Your house is SO cute!!

chris+amber said...

Mesa/Gilbert is going to miss the Dunns! I hope you move back into the ward when your Thatcher adventure is over. Olivia is a sweet name! Love it!

Tanya Leigh said...

Can I say I love the way you talk about you and "the girls". It's adorable, and so precious!

Good luck in the house hunting!

ps. Question: how do you do those cute little hearts in your text, again??

Unknown said...

Hey Angie,
the news just came on tonight and it said they are laying off 402 miners in Morenci. Is this going to be affecting you? I was worried. I guess a lot of miners are going to be getting layed off in Arizona. I sure hope not for your sake.

Unknown said...

I've been meaning to post here for forever now, but just never got around to it... I can't believe you're moving! Why are you moving? I know you mentioned something about your husband, but I don't know what... is he going to school in the Thatcher area? or something more exciting? :)
Do you guys have a date that you're moving out already, or are you waiting until your house gets rented? It'll be sad to see you go. I was looking forward to getting to know you better - and I love seeing Chloe at church. She's adorable! I'm sure baby #2 will be just as cute.
I wish you guys the best of luck and hope you'll be in touch!

Vicki Johnson said...

Hey hope all is going ok? I am thinkin of you!!