early to rise

today's happy list
{thus far}

*waking up next to my man at 6:39am
[6:30+one round of snooze]

*myron opening the new costco-syrup with a very large wrench

*this beautiful music serenading me

*sending m-diz off for a first day @ his new chandler-located job!
[hip, hip, hooray!!]

*a baby who sleeps past 8:30. [usually.]
{apparently you can get lots done if you wake up before her...who knew?}

*a freshly sparkling kitchen

*jeans: fresh out of the dryer style

*& to be continued, i'm sure...

[happy monday everyone!]


mademoisellechitchat said...

Ang: You can also get a lot done if you're up at 4AM (but don't need to be up until 6AM):

*Lesson plans for high school chirren
*Lesson plans for ASU students
*Letter of recommendations for high school chirren
* Answering 101 emails from ASU students


Did you make some "pan-a-cakes" (what my bro used to call them) this AM?

mademoisellechitchat said...

PS: You and your sweet family are officially in my holiday scrapbook. Thanks again for the GREAT photo!!!

MeL said...

Hooray for Chandler-based! And was that really fast to find a new job? I suppose that goes to show how awesome your boy is! Anyway, congrats on something new!

Marisa and Rob said...

Hooray for a job!!! We are so happy for you guys!!! :) That breakfast looks YUMMY!!! :) I love the costco syrup! Happy Monday to you!!! Always Smile!!! :)

Coree Adams said...

Yay for My's first day! How did it go?

Ashley said...

My baby sleeps past 8:30 a lot of the time too. It's nice! But I'm never up before her, so I never get anything done in the morning. :)

Unknown said...

hello my friend. hey can you blog me your email? I can't seem to figure out at this good ole library how to use the reply button that take most of my 1 hour to computer here. LOL
Ok, that is ok please don't give me anything at all, that is my job. LOL
I am happy you are staying for now and maybe I will see ya.
I love the fact that you all keep changing your class name, keep me in gear.
Ok, well take care
too many Michelle's. LOL
I need to ask Superstition Springs mall Mervyns, if I can have the big M like Michelle M. got.
YIPPEE!!! I would love the M>

The Fletchies said...

ya that seems really fast for finding a new job especially in the economy right now? crazy! apparently you guys were supposed to stay here with us mesa-ish folks! yay for us!

Sassy said...

I want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR my cute friend and am so glad you will be staying in the Valley of the Sun! I'm sending good vibes for a great year! I heard if you take a bath with a quarter, a dime, a nickel and a penny...your year will be a plentiful year...who knows I may be trying it...HMMMMMM? Happy New Year to your sweet fam!