monday aspirations

my main objective for today's agenda is:
finishing my *oh-so-simple* family
christmas mini-letter & cards.

i'm [almost] there.
but i need three addresses.
festive stamps.
{and maybe a nap first.}

i also wanna wrap-up my
out-of-state/country fam packages...
so it can all be shipped
via the higley p.o. manana morn.

[but that's pushin' it.]

{i need to drop off some work-related
assignments at bazzill too...}

[& fit a large-n-satisfying lunch in there somewhere.]

it's a busy life...
but i'm so stoked that i *don't*
have to spend my days
on the couch
with a [miserable] cold & nast-flu.
{aka repeat of last week.}

[happiest monday!]


granny said...

So glad you are feeling better.
The couch is over-rated.

Laura Blue said...

love the name you guys have picked for this sweet little girl you're going to have...adorable short name too. it's about time for a prego pic. glad you're feeling better this week, hope you get much accomplished. happy monday

runningfan said...

Can't wait for your super-cute Christmas card to grace my mailbox. :) One from us went out to your casa this morning (with the right city/zip and everything!).

rachbechep said...

hope i'm on the list!!
we'll send out ours shortly. :)

Marisa and Rob said...

Sounds like your busy away with everything! Your Christmas cards look cute from what I can see!!! :) Hope you doing good.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Child, when was the last time that you purchased a HALLMARK card? ;)

Kaelene said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better! I've had those moments, too, where the couch actually becomes the enemy!
Why don't you get a hobby, that could keep you busy??? LOL

Unknown said...

oh so PROUD OF YOU, for being done. What is my excuse, well shall I say lightening hit our residence almost 2 weeks ago, big sinus headache and waiting on getting Christmas photos taken.

There is a little surprise awaiting your retrivel at SBE missy!